What is the Forest Question on TikTok? Relationship test goes viral

TikTok logo in the middle of a forestUnsplash: Sebastian Unrau

TikTok users are loving a new relationship test called the ‘Forest Question,’ in which people ask their partners a series of abstract questions, and use the answer to analyze their relationship. Here’s everything you need to know.

There’s a demand for just about every type of content on TikTok, and one topic that garners millions of likes and views is dating and relationships.

Whether it’s love advice, stories about failed dates, or trends you can do with your partner, viewers love interacting with this relatable content.

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The latest trend that’s doing the rounds on the app is being dubbed the ‘Forest Question,’ and appears to have been popularized by TikToker user julieandcorey, inspired by the book ‘Kokology.’

The premise of the trend is simple: One person will ask their partner a series of questions about a forest, including what animals they can see, whether or not they enter a hut, how they enter the hut, and how much water is in a jug they find.

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They will then use their partner’s answers to infer things about their relationship. For example, the first animal they see supposedly represents the person answering the questions, and the second animal represents who is asking them.

The hut is also supposed to represent how ready the person is to be in the relationship, with the amount of water in the jug symbolizing how much love the responder feels in the relationship.

Julieandcorey’s video of them doing the test on their partner has already garnered over a million likes and almost 8 million views, with several people going on to try this test out on their partners too.

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This isn’t the first relationship test of this variety to have gone viral on TikTok. Earlier this year users were trying the viral ‘Strawberry Test’ out on their partners, which had a similar logic to the ‘Forest Test,’ except all the questions were about a field of strawberries.

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