What is the “Da Vinki” meme? Voros Twins go viral on Twitter & TikTok

Published: 24/Sep/2020 3:16

by Theo Salaun


A pair of Hungarian-Canadian twins, Chris and Patrick Voros, have gone viral across Twitter and the internet for a TikTok video in which they incorrectly pronounce Leonardo da Vinci’s name.

The world wide web is often the wild west of culture, where no one knows what will take hold of the collective consciousness and explode into a viral phenomenon. Perhaps few videos can exemplify this randomness as poignantly as the now-infamous “Da Vinki” (or “Da Vinky,” depending on who you ask) video.


On August 17, the Voros twins uploaded a video to TikTok in which they attempt to answer a Instagram Trivia question: “Who painted the ‘Mona Lisa’?” The two do not seem to know that the answer is Da Vinci and, when the game reveals the answer to them, they respond in a high-pitched, surprised unison: “Da Vinki?”

A month later, Twitter has done its thing and the Voros twins have reached the mainstream. By this point, the video has been viewed million of times, and spurred thousands of memes on Twitter and spin-offs using its sound on TikTok. 

@vorostwinsDA VINKI ##twins ##fyp ##foryoupage♬ original sound – vorostwins

The pair of 27-year-old identical brothers are no strangers to entertainment, as they have been pursuing pro wrestling careers as an exuberant tag team. Following a tryout for the WWE last year, the two have hoped to capitalize on their inability to travel and continue honing their craft with other wrestlers by staying home in Vancouver and trying to build a larger social media following through TikToks and vlogs.

While they were already pushing toward 100,000 followers, this video has easily propelled them past the 200,000 mark. And, as the cherry on top, or, more appropriately, a tuft of blond hair on top, the 15-second clip even made it onto The Late Late Show with James Corden.

@vorostwinsour DA VINKI video has made it to the @latelateshow with James Corden!! insane! ?? ##fyp ##davinki♬ original sound – vorostwins

In wrestling, kayfabe is the art of maintaining that all staged performances are genuine. In order to ensure the sanctity of their theater, professional wrestlers do all they can to protect the reality they’ve produced and prevent fans from being disillusioned by the breaking of kayfabe. As such, the Voros twins have tried not to explicitly reveal whether or not the video is fake.


If you want to respect kayfabe and continue living in uncertainty, stop reading here and go enjoy some of the “Da Vinki” memes on Twitter. 

But if you absolutely must know, no, the video is not real. As the brothers explained to BuzzFeed’s Tanya Chen, “we’re smart people and we obviously know who da Vinci is,” and added “it’s a silly video.”

But now you’re in on the secret, don’t ruin it for others. You’ve read the script, but the sanctity of kayfabe must be upheld for those who are blissfully unaware.


TikToker Larray sparks backlash for joking he “pretended” to be gay

Published: 18/Oct/2020 17:16

by Charlotte Colombo


TikTok star Larray has found himself in controversy once again, after he Tweeted during his livestream that he’s only “pretending to be gay for clout”. 

22-year old Lawrence Merrit, who is better known by his screen name Larray, is part of TikTok content creation collective the Hype House.


He recently hosted a livestream for fans, which included a game or two of popular online game Among Us. However, the good spirits soon soured when Larray Tweeted that “this whole time ive been pretending to be gay for clout [sic]”.

Twitter: Larray
Larray caused confusion with his latest Twitter joke – but not everyone saw the funny side.

Of course, this led to many fans reacting with anger and shock.


As well as many Twitter users predicting that Larray would now be “canceled”, one user demanded that he “leave the hype house” following this Tweet. Another quipped that Larray should “get the note app ready”, referring to TikTokers’ favored mode of online apologies.

The Tweet also caused a lot of speculation, with one user suggesting that the revelation, if true, was “not a big deal.” They argued that “David bowie lied about being gay/bi at the beginning of his career” and suggesting that Larray, like Bowie, used his sexuality “as a facade and it caught people’s attention.”

Note: David Bowie did come out later in life, but didn’t lie about his sexuality beforehand.


Meanwhile, another Twitter user theorized that this wasn’t the only thing Larray did for “clout”: So is [t]he Black Lives Matter photo for clout as well? These things make you wonder?”

A lot of fans, on the other hand, stepped in to defend Larray, with many of them explaining that the Tweet was part of a joke he was making with fans on his livestream, with one fan saying: “ya’ll, it’s a joke on his ig live… [sic]”.

Another fan criticized the reaction, asking: “so we can’t joke now?”


Meanwhile, when Nikita Dragun responded to Larray that “we been known” in a now-deleted Tweet, she immediately received backlash, with one user saying “Yikes” and another declaring her “canceled [sic]”.

Both Larray and Dragun have been in a constant swirl of backlash on social media throughout the 2020.


While Larray was recently accused of ‘slapping’ bestie Charli D’Amelio, fans have recently turned against Nikita Dragun for allegedly telling her security guard to “shoo” in a viral video.

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