What is the biggest cult on TikTok? Stranger Things takes over with Eddie Munson Cult

Eddie Munson in Stranger ThingsStranger Things

If you’ve been on TikTok in the past 48 hours, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the abundance of similar profile pictures used by countless users, all claiming to be in the ‘Eddie Munson Cult’ – but what is it, and why did it become dubbed the ‘biggest cult on TikTok?’

Stranger Things Season 4 is out in the wild now, and the popularity of the show is reflected by how ubiquitous it is on TikTok.

With the way the video app’s algorithm works, videos about the show can be all over your ‘For You Page’ if you’re a fan – and even if you’re not.

Now, fans are coming together around one character, in particular, Eddie Munson, and have even kicked off their own ‘cult’, claiming it to be the biggest cult on TikTok overall.

What is the Eddie Munson Cult?

Thankfully, this so-called cult is nothing sinister. Rather, it’s simply fans of the show, coming together to show their appreciation for one of their favorite characters. But, there are a few things one must do to be a member of said ‘cult.’

The most obvious is changing your profile picture to the image of Eddie standing in front of a blazing vehicle. This same image has been used with various other celebrities or characters imposed on it – such as singer Lana Del Rey, who also has her own TikTok cult.

After doing so, users will use the relevant #EddieMunsonCult hashtag simply as a way to get more engagement on their videos in the form of comments and likes, as well as an increase in followers. Many of the videos show off how successful this can be.

What is the biggest TikTok cult in 2022?

As mentioned, there are various other cults like this too. Essentially, all of them revolve around a particular celebrity or character, and are used as a method to boost your following and engagement.

So, rather than thinking of them as cults, just imagine them as TikTok support groups, helping each other grow on the platform.

Other popular cults have included Step Chickens, Minions, and Lana Del Rey. Eddie Munson is just the latest to take over the app.

As for which one is the ‘biggest’ – it’s impossible to say for sure. All of them have tens of millions of views on their respective hashtags, so you can probably just pick whichever one you’d like, and get involved.