What is the beautiful hair challenge? Viral TikTok sparks “satisfying” trend

beautiful hair challenge tiktok 1TikTok: @hair_challenge_girl_

TikTok’s latest challenge is captivating people with long hair in one of the platform’s most “satisfying” trends yet. Here’s everything we know about the “beautiful hair challenge.”

TikTok is home to a slew of challenges and trends. While some are more dangerous than others, those with the biggest staying power often have to do with either food or fashion.

However, the latest trend sweeping the app is specifically for those with long hair — or those who just enjoy watching satisfying videos.

The “beautiful hair challenge” was sparked by a TikTok video uploaded on July 20, showing a woman with her long hair twisted up in her fingers.

On the count of three, she lets her hair down, showcasing caramel highlights and layers that could belong to a model in a Tresemme commercial.

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The clip has gone super viral on the app, garnering over 1.6 million likes and 7.8 million views in just six days — and people can’t get enough of the “satisfying” hair moment.

“Satisfaction level:1,000,” one user wrote.

“Excuse me, I have a little question: HOWWW?” another begged.

“I literally said ‘Woah’ out loud,” another admitted.

TikTok hair commentsTikTok
Viewers can’t get enough of this latest hair challenge.

This has sparked a slew of other videos showing users taking part in the trend…even resulting in some hilarious parodies from people with bald spots.

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This is far from the first time a hair-related trend has taken over TikTok; last year, one woman’s hack for using socks to curl her wet hair took the internet by storm, especially because it actually worked.

And who could forget the 70’s hair trend that had everyone shaking their curls out for maximum volume?

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that TikTok loves hair… and you can still participate in the fun, if you don’t have any.