What is the ‘act like you know’ TikTok trend? ’90s gospel hit goes viral

lashun pace act like you know tiktokPexels: Cottonbro/LaShunPace

Another TikTok trend has gone viral, this time allowing users to act out real-life situations to the tune of the song from the ’90s with the words ‘Act like You know.’ Here’s everything we know about its origin, as well as how creators are using it. 

Over the years we’ve seen musicians of all kinds use TikTok to promote their latest song. A few of the biggest examples are GAYLE with ABCDEFU, Olivia Rodrigo with Drivers License, and Lil Nas X who created the YeeHaw challenge trend for his hit single “Old Town Road.”

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Occasionally, however, TikTok trends go viral thanks to older song releases.

This is the case for the latest song-related trend ‘Act like you know,’ which uses the main words from LaShun Pace’s 1996 hit song of the same name.

What is the ‘Act like you know’ TikTok trend?

The ‘Act like you know’ TikTok trend has taken over TikTok recently, allowing creators all over the world to take a jab at real-world scenarios where ‘wilful ignorance’ comes into play.

Video topics range from figuring out who’s driving the car on a road trip to making sure the user gets their sweet rolls at Texas Roadhouse.

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TikToker ‘marrlisia’ joined the trend to joke about how her mom always pays for her when they go out together.

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Another user used the trend to relate to people who have an issue hearing people when they talk.

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“When you didn’t hear what your friend said but already said huh 10x,” the video says.

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What is the ‘Act like you know’ TikTok song?

The song that that viral trend’s sound originates from is LaShun Pace’s 1996 hit “Act Like You Know.”

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The gospel singer-songwriter was known for her church performances throughout the years she has created music.

At just over 60 years old, Pace has released music as recently as 2019 with her album ‘Joy.’

That’s all we know about the viral ‘Act Like You Know’ TikTok trend. If you’d like to check out other dances, songs, and various platform news — head over to our hub.

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