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What is SylvanianDrama? The new viral TikTok soap opera starring Sylvanian Families

Published: 28/Mar/2021 21:18

by Charlotte Colombo


A new viral TikTok account posts short, gripping dramas about adultery, murder, kidnap and alcoholism. The twist? At the centre of these dramas is beloved childhood figures, Sylvanian Families.

With the over-the-top dramas featuring storylines like cults, a caravan crashing into a funeral and a scorned mole wife throwing a toilet at her cheating bear husband, it seems like viewers can’t get enough of the dramatic lives of these animal figurines. As well as its dedicated TikTok account having over 600k followers, it has also racked up 14.8 million likes, with some videos peaking at 8.8 million views.

One of the most popular videos on the account depicts an insecure elephant who starts working at a bakery to get a nose job after being bullied by some especially spiteful rabbits. Luckily, Tony Hawk appears in meerkat form, to teach the bullies a lesson by crashing into them with a little skateboard.




♬ Live While We’re Young – One Direction

This video, which amassed 7.3 million views, even attracted the attention of the pro-skater himself, who commented: “I’m here at your service to kickflip bullies anytime.”

Other popular videos on the account include a disgruntled mole who pulls a gun on her  friend’s personal trainer after he throws a table at her:


#fitness #drama

♬ Just Dance – Lady Gaga

And a scorned cat wife who tries to poison her husband Fatal Attraction-style to the tune of Britney Spears’ Toxic:



♬ Toxic – Britney Spears

When the husband complains about the poisoning to a police officer, he responds by saying: “Make your own food then? Lol problem solved” before stealing the wife for himself.


While a lot of fans are unsure whether their obsession with the page’s body-shaming cows, frequent car accidents and constant twists is ironic, it’s clear to see that they’re obsessed.

One fan on Twitter pointed out the intricacies of the ‘set’ and ‘costumes’:

While another demanded that Sylvanian Dramas gets recognised at the 2022 Oscars:

Either way, it is clear that for many people, the show could’t come at a more perfect time.

Who is behind the SylvanianDrama account?

The salacious antics of these adorable woodland creatures are the brainchild of 19-year-old Thea von Engelbrechten. A student from Dublin, Ireland, she said in an interview with i-D that upon finding her childhood Sylvanian Families in the family attic during lockdown, she decided to start making the videos to entertain her friends.



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♬ Come Around – M.I.A.

“I’m a huge fan of shows like Gossip Girl and movies like Cruel Intentions,” Thea told i-D. “So I think the base of the storylines are really inspired by them, but the random plot twists are just my sense of humor.”

With the TikTok account continuing to attract a fanbase, whose to say what crazy twists the next episode has in store? Riverdale, eat your heart out.