What is Love Island: Unseen Bits and when is it on?

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Every week, Love Island UK viewers are treated to a number of bonus clips from the show — here’s everything to know about winter Love Island: Unseen Bits 2023 and when to watch it.

Love Island UK’s ninth season began on January 16, and since then, fans have been tuning in almost every night to watch what the new cast is getting up to in the villa, featuring equal amounts of drama and romance.

On top of the main show, viewers also have a couple of other shows they can watch to get even more details about the islanders, including Love Island: Aftersun and Love Island: Unseen Bits.

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Here’s all you need to know about what Unseen Bits is, and when you can tune in to the show.


What is Love Island: Unseen Bits?

Love Island: Unseen Bits is a weekly spin-off show which includes a number of different clips from the previous week in the villa that didn’t air in the main episodes.

These clips usually feature lighthearted or funny moments from the villa, showing the cast getting to know each other and entertaining themselves throughout the day.

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Love Island UK series 9 has gripped viewers around the world.

When is Love Island: Unseen Bits 2023?

Love Island: Unseen Bits airs every week on Saturday at 9pm GMT. On every other day at this time there would be a main episode of the show, but Saturday is the one day that doesn’t have a main episode, and is instead replaced with Unseen Bits.

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Where to watch Love Island: Unseen Bits 2023

Love Island: Unseen Bits initially airs on ITV2 at 9pm GMT on Saturdays, but if you don’t catch it when it’s first airing, you can also catch up on video-on-demand service ITVX. Episodes will also be uploaded to Hulu roughly two weeks after they originally aired.

Watching Unseen Bits isn’t essential to understanding the rest of the show, but fans do love seeing some of the funny moments that happen around the villa that we wouldn’t otherwise get to see. It also means that you have something to tune into at the same time every day of the week.

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