What is Fan Controlled Football? Streamer-owned teams let Twitch chat pick plays

fan controlled football logo on top of gameplay screenshotTwitch: FCF

Fan Controlled Football is a completely unique type of football league, that literally puts all power to the fans. If you’re an armchair expert of your favorite college or NFL team, then Fan Controlled Football might be perfect for you.

Fan Controlled Football sees teams of 7 go head-to-head on an indoor football field, 50 yards long, in a game that promises to put fans into the driving seat of some seriously intense football. The game is also heavily supported by top streamers and former NFL stars to boot.

Viewers can pick plays, draft players, and overall have significant control over how exactly the matches and overall season play out.

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Once you sign up and pick a team, it’s go time — but here’s everything you need to know to be fully informed when getting started in FCF.

How to sign up for FCF and pick a team

Signing up for FCF is easy. Simply head to FCF.io and click ‘Register.’ While registering, you’ll also be asked to pick a team, so make sure you check out the teams and who runs them below before making a decision.

When signing up, you’ll only be asked to provide an email address. From then on, once you’ve verified your email, they will send a unique code to your email address to allow you to log in, rather than relying on passwords.

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How does Fan Controlled Football work?

FCF is exactly as it says on the tin: controlled by the fans. Once you’ve linked your Twitch account, you’re free to start making decisions for the team. Here’s what that includes:

  • Live weekly draft
    • Every Wednesday on Twitch you will be able to vote in a live player draft to build your team’s roster. Teams get two franchise players (selected by Team Owners) and fans get one keeper after the first game. The rest of the guys are back in the player pool for the draft each week.
  • Real-time play-calling
    • On Twitch and in the FCF app you’ll see Run or Pass when your team is on offense. Pick one, and you’ll see four diagramed play options. Lock in your favorite, get notified which play won the vote, and watch the play unfold on the field in real-time.
  • Matches take place every Saturday and Sunday
    • Be sure to check out the full FCF schedule for the ongoing season.

FCF teams & owners

The FCF teams are owned by famous streamers, NFL legends, and top names in the Web3 space. Here’s the full list of teams as well as their notable owners:

Team Owners
Glacier Boyz Quavo, Deestroying, Richard Sherman, Adin Ross
Zappers Bob Menery, Trevor May, Dalvin Cook, Robert Singh
Beasts Marshawn Lynch, Miro, Renee Montgomery
SB Stars ASM, Druski, Austin Ekeler, Rachel Lindsay
Kingpins Jamal Anderson, SPOTTIE WIFI, Cory Teer, and ABigThingBadly
Bored Ape Football Club Lyndsey Byrnes, Josh Ong, Sean Semola, tropoFarmer
Knights of Degen Drew Austin, Jack Settleman, Tiki Barber, Ronde Barber & more
8oki Steve Aoki, 888 Crypto

How does FCF use NFTs?

While NFTs aren’t the focal point of Fan Controlled Football, they play a huge part in getting fans involved — and have even dropped their own collection too.

Some teams have their own Ballerz Collective NFTs for fans to purchase, but on May 5, FCF announced that they would be releasing highlight moments in the form of digital collectibles.

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Fans will be able to own their favorite moments from FCF games by purchasing packs of NFT digital collectible highlights, including NFL Hall of Famer and Zappers wide receiver Terrell Owens’ first touchdown catch in nearly a decade.

FCF and Eternal.gg will release the first packs on Saturday, May 7, at 1 PM ET (10 AM PT/6 PM BST), but fans can visit the site beforehand to create an account and set a reminder for Saturday’s release.

Eternal will mint 2,000 initial packs each containing three randomized highlights from Weeks 1-3 of FCF Season v2.0, with each pack costing $10.