What is 4Weird on Twitch? Viral emote explained


Hundreds of different Twitch emotes that all have unique meanings make it hard to follow along with other viewers. One of these emotes is ‘4Weird’ and we’re here to explain what it actually means.

Twitch chat is a huge part of the Amazon-owned platform. Not only does it help viewers engage with the streamer to create one of the best interactive video experiences currently available, but fans can even chat among themselves.

Making the chatting experience even better, there’s a huge array of emotes to use, which has become a massive part of streaming culture. Through the help of third-party applications like BetterTTV and FrankerFaceZ, streamers can add extra emotes created by the community for viewers to use in chat

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However, newer viewers likely won’t know what emotes like ‘4Weird’ mean. Luckily we’ve got you covered.

4Weird Twitch emotesFrankerFaceZ
4Weird is one of the many popular emotes used by Twitch viewers.

What does 4Weird mean on Twitch?

The 4Weird emote on Twitch is a variant of the popular 4HEad emote – which was created in 2015 by League of Legends streamer Cadburry‘s community. The original emote was spammed in chat by viewers when ‘Cadburry’ made a cheesy joke on stream.

However, the 4Weird version of the popular emote is used slightly differently. Typically, it’s used when a streamer does or says something particularly weird, hence its creative name.

Generally, the emote is used more when things get really quirky during a stream. The emote is seen by the community as a more exaggerated version of WeirdChamp – another emote which is used in a similar context.

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New emotes pop up all the time, leaving many existing ones to lose their popularity. However, this one is likely to stay, and for a good while too.

While you may know the meaning behind 4Weird, but there are still hundreds more to learn. Check out our other emote explanations to broaden your Twitch culture knowledge!