What happened with TikTokers Gabbie & Cody Egan? Fans confused over cheating post

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Gabbie and Cody Egen
TikTok: bbyegen_

Fans of TikTok couple Gabbie and Cody Egan have been left confused after Gabbie posted a video saying that she had been cheated on. Here’s everything we know. 

Alongside dance trends and viral sound clips, TikTok has been the home of quite a few viral couples on the platform.

One of those couples is Gabby and Cody Egan, who have amassed 3.4 million and 179,000 followers on the short-form video app respectively, thanks to their seemingly loving relationship and family that they showcase in their videos.

However, fans have been left confused after Gabbie uploaded a video on May 30 with the caption “getting cheated on right before summertime, hot girl summer with my kids.”

Gabbie Egan leaves fans confused

At the time of writing, her video has received over two million views with thousands of comments, likes, and shares.

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After the video went live, fans took to her comments with a sense of confusion due to not knowing what happened, as well as why Cody would do such a thing.

To add fuel to the confusion, Cody commented in the video: “I’m literally here with you.”

Cody Egan Comment

Fans of the couple left a wide variety of comments, like “I did not have that on my 2022 bingo card”, “I think I missed a few chapters”, and “I’m at a loss for words.”

Gabbie Egan TikTok Video comments from fans

Just hours later, Gabbie uploaded another video like normal, almost like she never posted the video claiming that she was cheated on.

This left fans more confused and asking for answers while others are exclaiming that she doesn’t have to talk about it unless she wants to.

Fan asking gabbie to update about her life

TikTok fan explaining gabbie doesnt have to explain

While it’s not entirely known what is going on, maybe Gabbie and Cody will explain the situation soon.

In the meantime, check out more TikTok news and viral trends.

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