What happened to Amouranth? Streamer banned from Twitch and more

Amouranth holding her hairInstagram/Amouranth

Popular streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has had Twitch channel, TikTok, and Instagram pages banned within quick succession, but what actually happened and what is she doing next?

As Twitch’s Just Chatting category has taken off in popularity and had a number of ‘metas’ attached to it, Amouranth has always been one of the streamers who jumps in first and leads the way.

However, while she’s built up a massive following across social media, not everyone is a fan and she’s constantly found herself involved with drama – be it with other streamers, random fans, or with the Twitch rule book.

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Naturally, she has been suspended from Twitch on occasion – even having her channel demonetized at one point. Though her most recent ban, her fifth from Twitch, might have been her last.

Amouranth streaming on TwitchTwitch: Amouranth
Amouranth has been a popular streamer for some time now — but has not been without controversy.

Why was Amouranth banned from Twitch?

On October 8, Amouranth received her fifth ban from Twitch but it seemed to come pretty out of the blue. While there is usually a clip to point to that mostly explains the suspension, that hasn’t been the case this time around and the exact reason is up for speculation.

The streamer has seemingly been left in the dark regarding her ban, asking other streamers to let her know if they find out the reason why she was suspended. Twitch typically sends streamers an email with the reason for the ban, but it doesn’t seem to have happened here.

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As of writing, she hasn’t revealed exactly why she was banned, or just how long the ban will last, but Amouranth’s channel hasn’t had its Twitch partnership status revoked. That would indicate that, as of now, it’s not a permanent ban but that could change later down the line.

Where else is Amouranth banned?

The streamer has also had bans come in from both TikTok and Instagram as well, as she tweeted that she’d been “de-platformed everywhere” and “banned everywhere” outside of YouTube. Again, as she’s been left in the dark over the ban, she hasn’t been able to respond to any specific drama flashpoint.

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Though, Amouranth did poke fun at the different platforms having time to ban her amid recent issues with security – pointing to Twitch’s most recent data leaks and Instagram’s recent period of inactivity when all of Facebook’s platforms were taken offline.

Will Amouranth return to streaming?

In terms of being able to return to Twitch, that’s not out of the question. Other streamers have suffered ‘indefinite’ and even ‘permanent’ bans from the streaming platform, only to return at a later date.

Yet, as Amouranth has revealed previously, streaming doesn’t make up a huge portion of her income. The overwhelming majority comes from OnlyFans, where she has been able to make over $1 million per month, while Twitch tops that up alongside other platforms.

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If that keeps up, she may never have to make a return to streaming. Though, YouTube could be an option seeing as Indiefoxx – who was in a similar situation to Amouranth with being banned – has recently made the switch herself.

She’s also talked about starting a venture capital fund that focuses on the “grey market space” of things that are not entirely brand-friendly. Though, who knows if that’ll happen anytime soon.

Should anything change, be it with her ban being lifted or Amouranth moving platforms, we’ll update this article so you can stay in the know.