Who is Belle Delphine and will she ever return to Instagram?

by Michael Gwilliam


Model turned entrepreneur Belle Kirschner, otherwise known across the internet as Belle Delphine gained international attention after literally selling her used bathwater earlier this summer, but had her Instagram banned. Where is she now? And what is she planning? 


Belle Delphine’s rise to stardom 

The 19-year-old South African-born Belle first began making noise online by posting lewd and provocative photos to social media sites Instagram and Facebook to amass a following seemingly overnight. In particular, she would pose while making the overtly sexual “ahegao” face. 

Delphine would go on to troll her fans by tricking them into liking one of her Instagram photos over one million times with the promise that if they did, she’d start a Pornhub page. 

Belle Delphine/Instagram
Belle Delphine/Instagram
Belle Delphine is an online celebrity.


However, while she did end up making the page and uploaded videos with pornograph-soundng titles, each ended up being a play on words and didn’t actually contain sexual content.

For example, her video titled “PEWDIEPIE goes all the way INSIDE Belle Delphine” was just a film of Delphine eating a photo of the Swedish YouTube star. 

The infamous Gamer Girl Bathwater.



Gamer Girl Bathwater 

On July 1, 2019 Belle Delphine yet again set the internet on fire by deciding to sell bottles of her bathwater - giving her thirsty fans a chance to literally “drink her bathwater” if they chose to. Although she advised against it.

The bottles sold for $30 a pop and were gone almost immediately with Belle even joking that, “This is what generation you guys live in. Where girls sell their own bath water. Just let that sink in.”


Eventually, after selling out of bathwater bottles, the scarlet took things to the next level by selling a jug of her water for $10,000. That too, miraculously, was sold. 

The 19-year-old was making a stupid amount of cash, but her biggest promotion tool was about to be taken from her. 

Belle Delphine, Twitter
Belle Delphine, Twitter
Belle sold a whole jug of her bathwater.



Instagram ban 

Belle was banned from Instagram on July 19 after her photos were reported for containing “nudity or pornography.” 

Screen grabs of the report surfaced on Reddit with a user sharing that Instagram responded to the complaints and removed the account for violating the site’s community guidelines. 

While many on the internet rejoiced her account’s deletion, Belle herself seemed to slip into the shadows until eventually reemerging with a Patreon post on August 1. 

Is Belle returning to Instagram? 

In an exclusive Patreon post, she claimed she was the victim of a “technical” issue and she was banned right as she planned to take a break from modeling to go on a trip and got food poisoning while in Greece.

“As soon as I planned to go away my Instagram was removed, I am in contact with Instagram at the moment and it appears to be a technical issue which they are working on,” she told her Patrons.

She added that until the technical issue was fixed, she would be making a new account, but so far, no official account has surfaced with fan accounts still popping up. 

Belle Delphine
Belle Delphine
Belle Delphine's Instagram was banned.

The internet queen has not made another Patreon post since, but she did upload lewds to her Twitter on August 5, two days later. However, it is possible that she is using her Snapchat more often. 

Among the Twitter uploads is a sexy Link photo, Bowsette, and even an up-close shot of her feet with the caption, “hello sir.... would you like to like my feet uwu.” 

How much money does Belle Delphine make?

The model currently has 3,292 Patrons with the lowest possible tier by bronze at $1 a month. While it’s unlikely that all of her supporters are at the $1 tier, if they were, it would mean she is sent $3,292 monthly. With Patreon taking at most 12% or $395 of that of that total. 

This means at the very least, per month, her supporters gift her $2,897.

Considering the fact her Patreon and Twitter haven’t been updated since early August, and she would always return to selling bathwater, she appears to be in a very safe place financially. 

While we still wait for her return to Instagram and even the internet at large, we have to wonder if she has something big planned? And if so, what? 

Image Credit: Twitter/Belle Delphine