What does “unspoken rizz” mean on TikTok?


If you’ve spent any time on TikTok then you’re doubtless accustomed to the constantly evolving language that takes over the platform on occasion. The latest trend revolves around “unspoken rizz” and here’s what it all means.

With TikTok well-established as the place for trends to find life, morph, change, and return to us bigger and better than ever, it’s totally normal to get hit by something new, exciting, and undoubtedly confusing.

Whether it’s struggling to work out the moots you share with someone, or failing to decipher if things are all that ‘srs’, being left out of the loop with slang is not ideal.

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Keeping up to date with new terms, and the creators that spawn them is a full-time gig. Which is why we’re here for those that have just encountered ‘unspoken rizz’ and need a breakdown.

TikTok logo on phone screenUnsplash: Solen Feyissa
TikTok is the center of viral content on the internet.

‘Unspoken rizz’ meaning on TikTok

Following on from the development of ‘rizz‘ as a term to give flavor to the romantic sizzle you’re getting from someone, ‘unspoken rizz’ has been popping off to go one deeper on the label.

Taking the next step past ‘rizz’ (which is a graded system of attraction) ‘unspoken rizz’ refers to the undeniable pull that certain people have. A “very rare” occurrence, as some have put it, saved for anyone possessing a wordless level of electric charm.

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‘Unspoken rizz’ is the ability to attract people with nothing but a glance and a beckon. The term has been taking over TikTok with users testing themselves and their abilities to attract on a moment’s notice.

Taking things even deeper down the self-referential rabbit hole that TikTok can become, the ‘unspoken rizz’ trend has had its own counter-movement take flight alongside the intentional usage. Here TikTokers are finding that they’ve failed the ‘unspoken rizz’ test with hilarious outcomes.


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