What does TikTok’s ‘Remove Miner’ comment meme mean?

Clash of Clans character Miner next to TikTok logoSupercell / Unsplash: Solen Feyissa

There’s yet another comment meme circulating around TikTok, this time with the message “remove Miner” appearing under random videos across the app — but what does it actually mean?

For many TikTok users, the comment sections are often just as entertaining as the video itself, giving people a chance to see other people’s reactions and spark discussions beneath viral hits.

However, sometimes you might notice a pattern of similar or identical comments popping up underneath seemingly unrelated videos across the platform. These comments could be anything from a reference to a particular date, to a confusing acronym, leaving those not in the loop baffled.

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Throughout March, people have been noticing the words “remove Miner” or “nerf Miner” pop up in comment sections of a huge range of videos across the app, with seemingly no relation to the actual content of the clip.

Comments reading 'remove miner'TikTok
You may have seen this same comment on completely different videos around TikTok.

For those confused, Miner is a character from mobile games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, a shoveler that can “burrow underground, pass beneath walls, and pop up right next to their targets.” However, some fans have been petitioning to have the character removed from the game.

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The phrase ‘remove Miner’ quickly became a meme, and it got so popular that the official Clash Royale Twitter account even responded with a video, along with the caption, “you can stop spamming us now.”

Some TikTok users have grown frustrated with the same phrase appearing under thousands of videos across the app, and it doesn’t help that this isn’t the only comment meme that’s being spread right now.

Thousands of users are also reposting the same brownie recipe under countless popular videos across the platform, and combined with the ‘remove Miner’ meme, there are a number of people eagerly waiting for the comment sections to return to normal.

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