What does ‘Story Time’ mean on TikTok? Viral trend explained

TikTok: @icarlyreboot

TikTok users are no strangers to flooding comments of videos with certain words or phrases, and now ‘Story Time’ is being spammed across TikTok. But what does it mean?

These phrases can border between confusing to downright annoying when you’re trying to scroll through TikTok. Words such as ‘crop’ are being spammed across all manner of videos and are almost unavoidable, regardless of which side of TikTok you’re on.

While many of these types of comments don’t often make sense, such as ‘crop’ or ‘brownie recipe’, story time is a little more self-explanatory.

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Responding to just about any TikTok, users will simply say ‘story time’ to ask for the full story of something, no matter what the video is about.

tiktok story time and crop commentsTikTok
TikTok videos are being flooded with ‘story time’ and ‘crop’ comments, leaving many users baffled.

While most of the time these comments don’t really have much of an effect, sometimes it can be on emotional videos that might seem quite brutal at the time — but the comments crop up regardless.

TikTok users don’t love it, either. One person explained that commenting it under a video is “not funny” and that the people who do it aren’t funny, either.

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Another user demanded anybody doing it to simply unfollow them, because they’re sick of seeing it.

So while the ‘story time’ comments themselves don’t really mean a whole lot, TikTok users are becoming increasingly annoyed at it being spammed across every video they see.

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