What does NFS mean on Snapchat?

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NFS is an acronym you might have seen used frequently on Snapchat and other social media apps. Here’s everything to know about what the term means and when it’s used.

Snapchat continues to be one of the most popular social media platforms out there, allowing people to easily communicate with others through the use of disappearing messages, photos, and videos.

Like many other social media apps, Snapchat is full of different slang terms, acronyms, and phrases only avid users know. While using the instant messaging app, or other platforms like WhatsApp or Twitter, you may have at some point spotted the term ‘NFS.’

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It’s easy to assume that NFS is related to the not suitable for work ‘NSFW’ acronym, however, this new addition is completely different. Here’s everything to know about what it means, and when it’s used.

What NFS means on Snapchat

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On Snapchat, NFS simply stands for ‘No Funny Sh*t.’ The term represents being serious about something.

It would be used in a conversation if someone is joking with you and you want to be taken seriously. The term makes it clear to the other person that you’re trying to make a significant point. It’s also used when expressing a true statement.

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NFS can also stand for ‘No Funny Stuff.’ However, it will continue to have the same meaning and be used in the same manner.

The term is by no means exclusive to Snapchat, so you might also see it used in conversations on other apps such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

In other instances, people may also use NFS to mean ‘Not For Sale,’ or ‘Network File System,’ though these definitions are less common.

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