What does January 9 mean on TikTok?

January calendar next to TikTok logoUnsplash: Behnam Norouzi

A number of videos have gone viral on TikTok discussing the date of January 9, but what is happening on this day? Here’s everything to know about the trend.

Over the years, a number of different dates have gone viral on TikTok, with hundreds of videos referencing that particular date circulating on the app, and sometimes confusing those who are out of the loop.

For example, in December, the date ‘December 3’ was trending as a result of a song that people were referencing in their videos.

Since the beginning of the new year, the latest date to be referenced heavily on the platform is January 9, and videos mentioning it have been garnering millions of views.

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People have been pairing clips of themselves, or sections from TV shows and movies, and pairing it with a viral sound that has a phone alarm in the background. People have been captioning their posts things like “POV: me on January 9 at 6 am.”

What does January 9 mean on TikTok?

Some creators have revealed that the reason they are referencing January 9 in their videos, is that it is the day they are set to return to school after the winter break.

Of course, this date won’t be the same for everybody returning to school, but it appears to be shared by enough people that it has become a trend on the platform.

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In the comment sections of these videos, students have been comparing the times they will need to wake up on the day, and talking about how much they hate the sound of the phone alarm in the video.

In 2022, the date January 9 went viral on TikTok for a different reason, as it marked the start of the second season of Euphoria, so you may encounter some videos mentioning the date in this context as well if they are from the previous year.