What does GNS mean on Snapchat?

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While using Snapchat, you may have encountered the popular phrase GNS — but what does this term actually mean? Here’s everything to know.

Snapchat has been a popular way for people to communicate for many years now, allowing users to send disposable direct messages, photos, and videos to their friends.

The instant messaging app is also filled with slang terms and acronyms, which often add flavor, humor, or subtlety to online conversations, while also helping users communicate more efficiently.

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GNS is one term you might have spotted being used in direct messages on Snapchat, as well as in the captions of people’s stories. If you’re out of the loop, here’s everything to know about what it means.

GNS meaning on Snapchat

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On Snapchat, GNS stands for ‘Good Night Streak,’ and it’s used to signal the end of the day’s interactions with a friend or a group of friends. The app has a feature known as a ‘Snapstreak,’ which counts the consecutive number of days two users have exchanged snaps.

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When someone sends a snap with the caption “GNS,” they’re essentially saying that they’re about to go to sleep, and this is their last snap for the day, maintaining the Snapstreak. In other words, it’s an informal way of saying goodnight while also keeping a streak alive.

For example, after an entire day of back-and-forth snapping with your friend, you might send a snap captioned “GNS” to let them know you’re winding down for the day. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person won’t respond to further snaps; they may just not initiate any more for that day.

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