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What does August 27 mean on TikTok?

Published: 12/Jul/2020 15:13 Updated: 13/Jul/2020 10:07

by Connor Bennett


The mysterious August 27 trend has taken over TikTok in recent days but what does it all mean? Well, some users seem to have different things planned for the day. 

More than any other social media platform, TikTok has plenty of trends that people latch on to. Be it a dance routine, a challenge to show off the most prized possession in your house, or using a certain piece of music for a day, the trends are usually wacky and entertaining.


However, at the start of July, some users have been startled by some TikToks. These videos, which stemmed from the user stfusamantha, center around something happening on August 27 – and can look pretty weird with dark-colored background and sinister seeming captions.

Yet, it might not be as freaky as it appears, as Taylor Lorenz seems to have figured things out and given an explanation for the phenomenon. 

The August 27 trend blew up on TikTok because of StfuSamantha.

Who started the August 27 TikTok trend?

Lorenz noted that the trend has swept across TikTok in different forms – some videos with people going solo, and others with them partaking in duos.

He added that the stfusamantha’s TikTok was the first one to really grab the attention of others and while there are a ton of different meanings swirling around the day, she apparently just wanted to make a weird video. 

What will happen on August 27?

Despite some wacky and wild theories, it now just looks like users are hyping it up for different reasons of their own. “Some people are saying that it’s like a TikTok holiday now,” Lorenz posted in one tweet before offering a better explanation.


”Basically, the #August27 thing started as a joke, became a trend so everyone hopped on because mysterious stuff goes viral,” he continued, adding that users are now just using the day to do different stuff.

Obviously, there is still plenty of time to go until August 27 and with users having a huge number of different ideas about the day, one idea could easily pick up steam and become the main focus.

TikTok fans will just have to keep an eye on what happens leading up to, and eventually on the day. But, it doesn’t look like there’s any reason to be worried about something sinister.


Small Twitch streamer gets emotional after PewDiePie donates to him again

Published: 15/Oct/2020 23:00

by Brent Koepp


A small Twitch streamer became emotional after YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg donated to him. The personality thanked the star for bringing attention to his channel.

For many viewers around the world, PewDiePie has been the face of online entertainment over the last decade. The 30-year-old boasts 107 million YouTube subscribers in 2020.


In September, the content creator went viral when he gave a small Twitch streamer his very first donation ever. And on October 15, the personality became emotional when the Swede donated to him for the second time.

pewdiepie donating to small twitch streamer
YouTube: PewDiePie
The YouTuber donated money to small streamers on Twitch.

Small streamer emotional after PewDiePie donates

On September 24, Twitch streamer BluWolfie123 was playing the wildly popular title Among Us when he received a donation from PewDiePie. Stunned and not sure if it was really the YouTuber, the personality exclaimed “That’s f**king insane. What the hell! It’s my first donation!”


On October 15, the entertainer decided to donate to the streamer a second time. “This is the same [streamer] from last time. Hey, he grew in viewers, good for him!” Pewds said, as he donated another $100. Shocked, BluWolfie exclaimed, “What the f**k?!”

The Twitch streamer then asked if PewDiePie was watching him live, before thanking him: “Holy s**t, thank you! I wanted to say thank you. I commented on your last video, but it got buried. Yo, if you’re there, I wanted to say thank you before. I wanted to thank you directly. If you’re here, thank you! You’re f**king awesome! I can not thank you enough.”

(Topic starts at 5:00.)

Kjellberg thanked Wolfie for his kind words and then told viewers to check out the user’s Twitch channel. “Check out BluWolfie, he’s so wholesome,” he said. The streamer further commented on the situation on his About page. “I got super lucky thanks to the Pewds and his community and I’m super happy.”


Pewds also gave away money to several other small channels on the Amazon-owned streaming platform – a few of whom cried over the popular YouTuber popping in to watch their broadcast.

This isn’t the first time PewDiePie has donated money. For months, he has been donating all of his streaming subscriber money to various charities. In October, he sent a mental health charity $144k.