Here’s what DMX would look like in Tekken 7

Virginia Glaze
DMX, Instagram / Bandai Namco

Tekken 7 is taking the fighting game community by storm, announcing its third season and introducing a new character at EVO 2019 – but that isn’t stopping fans from creating their own additions to the cast.

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EVO 2019 saw the addition of Leroy Smith, a Wing-Chun master with unbeatable style and a mysterious backstory who is set to release later this year.

Leroy is already a hit with fans, with many in the Tekken community anticipating his release – and his inclusion may have inspired a fan concept that is similarly storming the fighting game community.

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Rapper DMX posed for a series of photos with GQ in late September, donning a series of Matrix-inspired, early-oughts/sci-fi cinema looks – one of which seemed perfect for a Tekken fighter.

The internet is never slow on the draw to whip up a photoshop, and neither was Brockhampton designer “henocksileshi,” who quickly inserted one of DMX’s looks into the Tekken 7 character select screen.

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Complete with a slick pair of sunglasses and a python, DMX certainly looks like he could throw down with the rest of Tekken’s cast – and even trade blows with Leroy Smith.

In fact, DMX’s “Tekken-inspired” look seems oddly reminiscent of scrapped Street Fighter IV character “King Cobra,” who was replaced in favor of Rufus – although we have to imagine his mix of Kung Fu and breakdancing would have been a sight to see.

Daigo Ikeno, Capcom
“King Cobra” was a scrapped character for Street Fighter IV – but we’ll be darned if DMX couldn’t play the part!
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DMX wouldn’t be the only rapper to take an interest in Tekken, either, should he respond to the photoshop: music artist T-Pain even cosplayed as Leroy Smith shortly after his EVO reveal, marking a major moment for the FGC in light of one of Tekken’s most hyped original characters yet.

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Even rapper Snoop Dogg appeared in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, complete with his own stage and a theme song titled “Knocc Em Down.”

It’s no secret that rappers seem to love Tekken, and considering T-Pain’s stunning Leroy cosplay, it would come as little surprise if he ended up making a theme song for the character – nor DMX, for that matter!