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Entertainment • Nov 24, 2018

What can fans expect from Jake Paul’s new series, ‘Jake Paul Uncut?’

What can fans expect from Jake Paul’s new series, ‘Jake Paul Uncut?’
Jake Paul, Spotify / YouTube

Controversial YouTuber and social media star Jake Paul has finally revealed the date for the first episode of his new series, ‘Jake Paul Uncut’ - but what exactly can fans expect from the show?


Paul broke the news in a Tweet on November 24, which revealed that the show’s first episode will go live on November 25 - the very next day.

This Tweet follows Paul’s initial announcement of the series, which is part of entertainment organization Team 10’s ‘Season Three’ initiative.


According to Paul’s trailer for the show, ‘Jake Paul Uncut’ appears to be a behind-the-scenes look into Paul’s daily life, offering solo sequences where Paul talks to the camera, alone.

During one of these sequences, Paul discussed his breakup with YouTuber Erika Costell, claiming that he wasn’t “handling the breakup very good” through tears.

For those curious as to the details of their split, Paul’s new series just might scratch that itch - as well as offer further hints into Jake’s psyche, thanks to several comments from his friends throughout the trailer.


Paul also answered questions about the series through Twitter just after the trailer went live on YouTube, claiming that Shane Dawson’s own documentary series had inspired him to be “more open, honest, and real.”

According to Paul, the series is entirely unscripted, hence the show’s name. Additionally, Paul claimed that episodes will air once a week, and will be more long-form as opposed to his regular vlogs.

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