What are TikTok’s ‘jean boots?’ Viral clothing fad explained

What is TikTok's viral jeans boots trendInstagram: hoskelsa / TikTok: amandaengstrands

Model Elsa Hosk has inspired a slew of TikTok users to cut off their jeans with the aim of creating a unique, DIY look. Here’s how to make your own ‘jean boots.’

TikTok has birthed a slew of fashion statements over the years. From making a $30 Steve Madden bag go viral to literally selling out a pink slip dress on Zara’s website, a huge section of fashion and culture is grown on the popular video platform.

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The latest trend to take off on the website can be traced back to Swedish supermodel and influencer Elsa Hosk.

On June 4, 2022, Hosk posted two photos of herself on Instagram wearing a little black dress and a pair of knee-high boots covered in denim.

Elsa Hosk viral jean bootsInstagram: hoskelsa

The boots, which are officially called ‘Bux Denim Jeans Boots,’ can be sourced back to an Icelandic footwear company called Kalda, where they retail for a jaw-dropping €550.

Hosk isn’t the only big name sporting these kicks, either, as Italian-American actress Julia Fox has also been spotted wearing them.

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It looks like the womens’ unique sense of style is really resonating with fans, who’ve taken to TikTok to show off their own jean boots — which they’ve made themselves.

For those who aren’t into dropping hundreds of Euros on a pair of boots, this look is pretty easy to achieve at home with a quick DIY.

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First, simply take a pair of jeans that you don’t mind getting rid of and cut them off a few inches beneath the crotch.

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Next, find a pair of knee-high boots you want to use, and cover them with the legs of your jeans. Tuck the upper ends of the jeans into the top of the boot, using glue or pins to secure them if needed, and voila. You’re now as fashionable as a supermodel!

This is the latest jeans-related fad to take over TikTok after users discovered a genius way to figure out if jeans will fit without trying them on in the fitting room.

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