We’re getting a YouTube Rewind this year – but it’s a musical

. 2 years ago
YouTube Rewind 2020 the musical teaser
Twitter: Michelle Khare

After YouTube announced that no official Rewind would be happening for 2020, it seems that a few producers and actors have taken matters into their own hands to deliver a Rewind like fans have never seen it before.

Every year, YouTube unveils a recap of its most memorable moments, featuring some of its biggest stars and viral videos for an all-encompassing upload.

However, this annual tradition took a different turn in 2020, with the platform explaining in a Twitter statement that there would be no celebration of its content after such a turbulent year for users all over the world.

“2020 has been different,” their statement read. “It doesn’t feel right to carry on as if it weren’t. So, we’re taking a break from Rewind this year.”

While this prompted some speculation, outrage, and even agreement among YouTubers and casual viewers alike, it seems that a group of individuals aren’t going to let 2020 go as the Year Without a Rewind; instead, they’re making one like we’ve never seen before.

On December 9, HBO host and YouTuber Michelle Khare tweeted out a trailer of YouTube Rewind – the musical, which teased an entire musical production in place of the usual Rewind fare.

Featuring Mr Beast, a song all about the now-defunct Unus Annus, Pokimane, Jenna Marbles quitting YouTube, and even Corpse Husband (complete with his signature, deep voice), it seems that this musical has capitalized on the biggest stars to come out of 2020 — and some of them have already weighed in on the production.

Markiplier — one of the brains behind Unus Annus and a massively popular YouTuber in his own right — appears to be floored by the trailer, while other commenters seem equally jazzed that Corpse Husband (or rather, an actor portraying him) made an appearance.

It’s important to note that all these personalities are being played by actors, and it doesn’t seem that any of the actual creators are involved — but nevertheless, it’s a certainly unexpected development that we can’t wait to see in its full form.

YouTube Rewind the musical will hit the internet on December 10 and can be watched on Khare’s very own YouTube channel.

What’s your take on YouTube Rewind turning into a musical? Let us know on Twitter @DexertoTrending!

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