Washington Alki Beach TikTok party shut down after recreating Adrian’s Kickback event

Washinton Kickback event gets shut downTikTok: kidsteez_

An Alki Beach party known as the Washington Kickback, which is inspired by the insanely viral Adrian’s Kickback event on TikTok, has been shut down by police after too many people turned up.

The internet was blown away on May 22 after 17-year-old Adrian Lopez’s gathering at Huntington Beach got out of hand.

The teen had only intended on spreading the word about the gathering to a few people, but after millions of people viewed the video, the party was flooded with a huge number of attendees. It was eventually shut down by police, and some arrests were even made.

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But it seems that the insane amount of attention the party got on TikTok has inspired other people to try creating their own Adrian’s Kickback-inspired gathering.

TikTok user KidSteez made several videos promoting the ‘Washinton Kickback’ that was set to take place on Alki Beach on May 29 at 6pm, encouraging people to show up. While the views weren’t quite on the scale of Adrian’s Kickback, the videos did pick up a fair amount of attention, and substantial crowds turned up at the event.

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Seattle police initially reported that they were monitoring an “unusually large group at the location” and said they’d made two arrests.

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They later issued an update: “Seattle Parks has closed Alki Beach due to going public safety issues(fights, fires, robberies). Officers are now asking the remaining people to please leave. Please do not attempt to enter Alki Beach at this time. Roads are closed approaching the beach.”

KidSteez told followers that he plans to upload a full vlog of the event to his YouTube channel, having already uploaded some videos showing the crowds to TikTok.

It seems as though Adrian’s Kickback has inspired plenty of other people to host their own similar gatherings that they promote via TikTok, and the Washington Kickback likely won’t be the last to get shut down by police.

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