Warzone streamer Nadia gets swatted, officer calls for “hype” in Twitch chat

Nadia gets swatted on TwitchTwitch: Nadia

Popular Warzone streamer Nadia was swatted while live on Twitch. Fortunately, the officer expertly diffused the tense situation.

Twitch streamers are getting swatted at an alarming rate. IShowSpeed, Keffals, and Adin Ross were all victims of the terrifying trend within the last few days.

Nadia recently had to hit back against sexist viewers after someone turned her impressive Warzone clip into a simulation of someone washing dishes.

Members of the gaming community stepped forward to offer their support. Jake Lucky shared the clip and highlighted how sadly, this experience is “what it’s like to be a woman in gaming.”

The Warzone streamer getting swatted further exemplifies how scary it is to be a woman in the gaming world.

Nadia swatted while live on Twitch

Swatting refers to someone finding a streamer’s address or location. The troll then makes a hoax emergency call to falsely claim some kind of extreme violence. Next, armed officers storm into the location, creating a scary situation for the victim of the swatting.

Nadia mysteriously disappeared during a recent livestream, and she returned with an officer confirming that she had been swatted.

The officer said hello to the chat and proceeded to ask, “Can you at least throw some emotes in the chat, or at least some hype in the chat?”

Doing his best to lighten the mood, the officer said: “Her stream doesn’t need to end early just because someone wants to be a jerk.”

The Warzone streamer responded to the scary situation over on Twitter: “I just got swatted, unfortunately the harassment has been a bit overbearing.”

Fans are hopeful that Nadia no longer faces any further abuse from the video game community. The Warzone streamer puts it best, saying, “Scary world we live in.”