Warzone streamer goes viral on TikTok thanks to hilarious musical stream sniper

LoochyTikTok, LoochyTV

Stream snipers have run rampant on Warzone over the last couple of years, constantly ruining games. Luckily for XSET creator Loochy, he found himself in the crosshairs of a friendly one. 

Many big creators like NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman have dealt with players watching their stream in an effort to join the same game lobby as them to either sabotage their game or try to play with them.

TimTheTatman has been one of the most affected which has led to him even offering to buy one a car, just to get them to stop.

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However, Loochy’s situation is a bit different, as he doesn’t have a ‘friend’ that wants to fight against him or ask the creator for something. Instead, they found a way into his lobby to play music through their microphone.

Loochy’s musical Stream Sniper

In a TikTok clip from one of his Twitch streams, Loochy stated: “I have a stream sniper that randomly joins my Warzone lobbies and plays me songs on his recorder. You can’t make this up.”

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He then showed that a player by the name of ‘EPICDOE’ has joined his party and the music begins. A few seconds after, the XSET creator came to a realization — Epic is playing Katy Perry songs.

Having posted the clip across his social media platforms, reactions to the stream sniper are pretty positive across the board.

“Epic is an absolute gem and I love when he does this to me… makes nights that are frustrating into pure joy,” stated hoperemaiins on Twitter in a reply.

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It seems like he isn’t exactly new to stream sniping creators with his incredible recorder playing. “His name is Lucas, but we call him ‘flute boi,'” said FreebsTV.

It also appears fellow XSET creator GodKu has had a couple of run-ins with Epic while playing Warzone as well: “Ya, he’s the homie. I paid off his school books because he does the people’s work.”

According to the positivity of the replies to Loochy’s clip, EPICDOE can be considered one of the few welcome stream snipers in the community. However, we’re left to wonder what other songs he has up his sleeves.

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