Walmart employee who exposed store for selling frozen cupcakes gets ridiculed by TikTok

Walmart employee exposed the store for selling frozen cupcakesTikTok: alexander_rexx

After uploading a video to TikTok exposing Walmart for its frozen cupcakes, viewers have been quick to defend the department store while simultaneously ridiculing the poster.

Though not all Walmarts offer both groceries and its typical products like smart TVs, craft supplies, and clothing, there are also Walmart Supercenters that sell produce, meat, and pre-made cakes and cupcakes.

Walmart is known for offering cheaper alternatives to brands, and at the end of the day, they offer quality items and exceptional food options. 

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So when an employee of Walmart took to TikTok to expose the store for selling frozen and not-fresh cupcakes, viewers were especially quick to defend Walmart and their “bomb” petite cakes.

An employee of Walmart exposed the store for selling frozen cupcakes, but was later the recipient of backlash for their disapproval of the assembling method.TikTok: alexander_rexx
Pictured is the cupcake selection at Walmart after they’ve been iced and packaged.

Tiktokers defend Walmart for their frozen cupcakes

To some, it may come as a surprise that Walmart employees assemble the store’s cupcakes after the cake part arrives.

First, the cupcakes are shipped to the Walmart location, and then employees ice each one with a variety of colored frosting.

But for one employee of Walmart, the store’s process of making cupcakes wasn’t up to their standard.

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In a now-viral TikTok video, that same Walmart employee recorded the assembling methods used for cupcakes, saying that they are “not fresh.”

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The employee also wrote a text overlay on their video saying, “Walmart cupcakes come in frozen — then dozens are iced at once — then put back in the freezer until the sales floor runs low.”

After exposing the widely accepted large corporation, viewers jumped at the opportunity to defend Walmart, as one said, “I thought everything from Walmart bakery was made from Great Value products. I’ve told my husband that for years.”

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As well as, “They taste better than a lot of other places and are much cheaper, so I really don’t care — truth be heard.”

While another said, “Most grocery stores do this. If they were made all from scratch, no one would pay the price.”

One viewer who claimed to be a baker themselves also wrote, “As a former baker, you’d be surprised to know that many bakeries freeze their cakes. If demand is high, it’s impossible to completely bake fresh.”

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Though the Walmart employee sparked quite the debate, with essentially everyone being in favor of the pre-made cupcakes, the worker has not commented to their viewers giving any indication that they will change their mind on not approving of the store’s processing methods. 

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