Waffle House worker goes viral on TikTok after roasting disrespectful customer

Waffle House worker roasts customerTIKTOK: skunniemilf

A Waffle House worker went viral on TikTok after roasting a rude customer who was giving her a hard time.

The Waffle House waitress stood up for herself after ignoring a customer she said repeatedly disrespected her. In a series of videos, the TikToker who posts under the handle skunniemilf, shared the interaction between her and a customer requesting her attention while she was at work.

The waitress said she didn’t pay the customer attention at first because she didn’t want to infringe on her co-workers’ tips, but he kept calling her over.

When she eventually went up to his table, he joked that he would’ve given her a $20 tip if she had just given him silverware. However, he already had silverware and was eating his food when she clocked in for work.

In a viral video with over 132,000 views, the waitress filmed herself putting the customer in his place.

He appeared to have insulted her first, and she responded by taking a dig at his relationship status. “You’re eating at Waffle House. Why she ain’t at home cooking for you right now?” she asked him, referring to the customer’s girlfriend.

The customer then tells her he’s in a long-distance relationship. “Your grown-ass still doing long-distance? You’re a little too big for that,” she quipped. He responds by calling her “bummy,” prompting her to turn the camera on him and roast his outfit.

“You don’t even know me to be talking out your mouth the way you’re talking to me,” the waitress said. “Like I said, average Black man who is so disrespectful to Black women, you’re that man.”

She then asked the man to “look at our teeth, we don’t even compare,” before flashing her pearly whites to the camera.

TikTok users back Waffle House waitress

Many TikTok users sided with the waitress.

“I love that you handled it so elegantly yet the jabs burned. You did that,” one user commented. “You’re the best. Like how do you need silverware from me and I just got to work?” another added.

Others accused the waitress of disrespecting the customer first.

“You disrespected him first. He gave you talking to him bout his wife. And relationship. The nerve!” someone wrote.

In a follow-up video, the waitress offered additional context, saying the customer repeatedly yelled swear words at her before she roasted him, called her “dusty,” and said she must not have money because she works at Waffle House.