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VTuber Usada Pekora celebrates Jump King victory after epic 26-hour struggle

Published: 12/Sep/2021 23:02

by Julian Young


The latest content creator to conquer the immensely challenging platformer Jump King, VTuber Usada Pekora, was finally able to reach the game’s highest peak after a 26-hour marathon of trial and error.

Content creators punishing themselves by attempting to beat challenging games is nothing new — in fact, an entire genre of content has sprung up around discovering new methods to complete rage-inducing titles like Dark Souls in iconic and creative ways.

Every so often, a new demanding trend will take Twitch and YouTube by storm, such as the mind-numbing 2D platformer Jump King, which has driven its fair share of content creators to the brink with its incredibly difficult gameplay.


Despite some streamers giving up after numerous failed attempts, others persevere in the hopes of tasting the sweet, sweet victory that awaits them. The latest creator to make it through the Jump King gauntlet was VTuber Usada Pekora, who achieved victory after 26-plus hours spent in the game.

VTuber YouTube Clip Jump King Victory
YouTube / Pekora Ch. 兎田ぺこら
Usada Pekora was ecstatic after finally completing the difficult platformer.

On September 12, the Japanese content creator found herself on the brink of greatness, with the only obstacles between her and a coveted Jump King completion being two final jumps that needed to be conquered.

After several deep breaths, the virtual streamer launched her 2D avatar into the air, bouncing off a wall and onto the final block standing in her way. With one last battle cry, she launched herself into the air, and landed squarely in the middle of the game’s final platform.


26 hours later, the VTuber had achieved the ultimate Jump King victory, and Pekora didn’t hold back in celebrating as she burst into an animated outburst of happiness.

Fans on YouTube were quick to celebrate her victory as well. “She just proved once again that when it comes to tenacity [she] is literally second to none,” one comment read, while also pointing out Pekora had endured three consecutive runs on her way to beating the game.

“I knew Pekora would do it,” another viewer confirmed, before praising her dedication to completing the game: “She never gave up. Even when she was brought to tears, she laughed it off!”


Usada Pekora can now count herself among the dedicated few who have endured hours of frustration and failure before reaching the top of the Jump King mountain. Now, we can only need to wait and see who the next brave streamer to conquer this soul-crushing title might be.