VTuber Snuffy hit with first Twitch ban after wearing ‘suggestive’ outfit

VTuber Snuffy with Twitch LogoTwitter: snuffyowo/ Twitch

Popular Twitch VTuber Snuffy has received a 24-hour ban on the streaming platform after appearing in a ‘suggestive’ outfit.

Twitch’s policies about suggestive and sexual content have always been a point of controversy for the streaming community. Many have criticized Twitch for banning some individuals who they deem to have breached the policy, whilst letting many others slip through the cracks.

Twitch’s community guidelines for content state of that ilk state that all “sexually suggestive content is prohibited on Twitch.” The platform evaluates each individual based on the “behavior or activity” they’re engaged with and does this independently of what the streamer is wearing.

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Popular VTuber Snuffy is now the latest to have been banned on Twitch after wearing a “suggestive” outfit on stream, causing them to have their channel taken down for 24 hours. This ban came right after Snuffy tweeted out an image of their model, stating “post hips to scare Twitch”.

Their ban came only an hour after they posted this image to their Twitter, sharing the news with a reaction in the form of a clip from Death Note.

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Many have reacted negatively to Snuffy’s ban, coming to their support and calling the ban a “Twitch L”. Some have gone so far as to call out Twitch for picking and choosing their bans, “Twitch be cherrypicking who they ban” a user commented.

Snuffy’s ban comes in the wake of controversial streamer Indiefoxx being unbanned on the platform, echoing some user’s suggestion of Twitch selectively choosing who to ban or unban.

As this is the first ban on Snuffy’s channel, the time before they’re able to stream again is only 24 hours. However, expect this number to grow if they are banned by Twitch again in the near future.

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