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VTuber IRyS stunned after losing hundreds of subscribers in 801k YouTube goal stream

Published: 30/Mar/2022 19:02

by Virginia Glaze


Popular VTuber ‘IRyS’ was in the middle of a successful subscriber goal stream when she suddenly lost hundreds of subs — but she didn’t let the shocking drop get her down.

Subscriptions are streamers’ bread and butter. Fans pay a certain amount of money on a month-by-month basis to get perks from their favorite broadcasters, which is a common practice on sites like Twitch and YouTube.

Plenty of streamers also orchestrate ‘subathons’ — a practice where streamers will tack time onto their broadcasts for every sub gained, sometimes resulting in months-long streams.

However, other streamers prefer less intensive ways of incentivizing their viewers to subscribe, such as popular VTuber IRyS.


Ludwig subathon goal
YouTube: Ludwig
Top streamer Ludwig notably underwent a grueling 31-day subathon last year.

IRyS is a virtual YouTuber who uses an anime avatar to represent herself, rather than showing her face on camera.

Signed to one of the biggest VTuber agencies in the business, IRyS’s official title is a ‘VSinger.’ She’s an English-language streamer with over 802,000 subscribers who specializes in creating original songs, gaming, and karaoke.

IRyS reading chat YouTube
YouTube: IRyS Ch. hololive-EN
IRyS is a popular VTuber whose character is painted as a “half-demon, half-angel.” She’s also a singer who has created several of her own original pieces, which can be found on her YouTube channel.

IRyS stunned after losing 500 subscribers in sudden sub goal drop

However, her March 28 karaoke broadcast saw her dip well below the 802k mark as she promised to sing to her fans until she reached 800k subscribers.

Initially, she soared past the 800k mark in just 15 minutes of streaming and decided to continue singing to see how far she could go… but a glitch in the YouTube system suddenly saw her plummet down to 799,818 subs out of nowhere.


Luckily, IRyS took the sudden drop with grace and managed to find the humor after seemingly reaching her goal, although she was definitely surprised.

“Okay, this happens with YouTube a lot,” she explained. “I was at 800,300 just two minutes ago. Now we’re at 799,818. So we’re not 800k anymore! Let’s go!”

“Yeah, YouTube does that a lot,” she continued. “I’ve noticed that, but I didn’t expect it to happen mid-stream, okay? I suddenly lost 500! Let’s go!”

IRyS is just the latest VTuber to smash subscriber goals; recently, VTuber Mori Calliope reached 2 million subscribers in just over two years on the platform, marking yet another massive win for the emerging online genre.