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VTuber IRyS reveals Hololive will play FFXIV and fans are worried

Published: 22/Oct/2021 16:13

by Lawrence Scotti


VTuber IRyS announced that Hololive has granted permission to stream FFXIV ahead of the new expansion, Endwalker, amid the game’s overpopulated server problems.

Hololive VTuber and VSinger IRyS made headlines when she made her streaming debut, as her premiere was the biggest in history with just under 100,000 concurrent viewers on YouTube.

Since then she has streamed tons of games, with Minecraft emerging as her most consistently played. Although, that may be due to change as the VTuber made a big announcement regarding her future.

New Hololive member IRyS makes biggest debut in VTuber history
IRyS debuted as the biggest VTuber in history.

Hololive grants permission to stream FFXIV

Hololive is the virtual talent agency that manages over 50 virtual creators, including IRyS herself.

During a YouTube stream on October 8, IRyS mentioned that Hololive granted permission for their talents to begin streaming FFXIV.


In the stream, she said: “Oh my God. So like, I really, really want to play this game we got permissions for recently. It might be a good game to do a collab with some people. It’s called Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy XIV. I would be SO down for Final Fantasy XIV. Yup, permissions just came sort of thing. I’m totally down for Final Fantasy XIV collab. I hope there’s other people interested in it.”

Time starts at 3:49:32 for mobile users

As of now, it is unclear if IRyS will be one of the Hololive talents to stream FFXIV, but it’s obvious she would take the opportunity if presented to her.


Final Fantasy XIV has become one of the most popular MMO’s in 2021, and is soon getting its fourth expansion, Endwalker.

With popularity comes issues, however, as the game has been dealing with massive server overpopulation in North America, leaving many unable to create new characters. If Hololive were to allow its VTubers to stream the game, there could be a new wave of players that would have difficulty creating characters.

Hopefully, if IRyS does play FFXIV, the server overpopulation problem won’t impede her from creating a character on the server she wants.