VTuber fans are convinced new VShojo talent Amemiya Nazuna is Uruha Rushia

VShojo / Hololive

VShojo has announced two new talents joining the agency and speculation is rife around the identity of one of them: Amemiya Nazuna. The mysterious character is new onto the scene, but it hasn’t stopped fans from guessing who she was before, and the leading theory is Hololive’s Uruha Rushia.

VShojo is making waves in Japan as the American-based VTuber agency announced two new talents at Anime Expo 2022: Kson and Amemiya Nazuna.

While the first one is a known quantity with a huge YouTube and Twitch fandom, Amemiya Nazuna is an entirely new talent on the scene. Described as a “mysterious girl who has amnesia”, her character is as mysterious as her background.

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That hasn’t stopped fans from speculating where this new VTuber is coming from though. Atop the list is one name everyone comes back to though: Mikeneko, formerly of Hololive as Uruha Rushia.

Amemiya Nazuna VShojoVShojo
Amemiya Nazuna is one of VShojo’s two new talents as they branch out into Japan.

In fact, the speculation is so rife people are running voice comparisons between Rushia and Amemiya Nazuna’s appearance in Kson’s lore video ⁠— and they’re convinced the former Hololive star is the person behind the new VShojo idol.

People have speculated Nazuna’s voice sounded “super familiar” to long-time fans of the necromancer who would be playing a new role. Others also pointed towards Rushia’s model artist and rigger following her on Twitter very early on.

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However, nothing is confirmed on this front though. In fact, it’s unlikely fans will ever get any clarity on this front given the anonymity behind idol culture — and at the end of the day, they’re two different characters even if they might have the same ‘performer’.

Uruha Rushia was dismissed from Hololive in February 2022 after Cover Corp claimed the necromancer breached her contract with the agency by divulging private information to third parties.

She has since gone back to her old Mikeneko alias, streaming on that while remaining relatively quiet on the dismissal. She did address it in June, claiming Hololive management made “false statements” in her dismissal that led to her being slandered online.

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Hololive VTuber star Uruha Rushia staringYouTube: Uruha Rushia
The speculation around Amemiya Nazuna being Uruha Rushia will likely never stop.

None of this will ever stop the speculation though ⁠— which is likely to be rife during Nazuna’s July 16 debut for VShojo.