Vtuber el_xox banned on Twitch as category mistake ruins bikini debut stream

. 4 weeks ago
el_xox banned from twitch

During their bikini debut stream, Vtuber ‘el_xox’ was banned from Twitch while in the middle of gaming due to an accidental category switch.

Twitch has implemented some pretty strict rules regarding attire that streamers can wear on stream. While some rules seem more flexible than others, how broadcasters dress is taken pretty seriously.

In 2021, a new meta had flooded Twitch’s Just Chatting section. Pioneered by Amouranth, the “Hot Tube Meta” saw streamers don bikinis and swimsuits while soaking in pools of water.

Users who found these streams inappropriate complained to Twitch until the platform implemented a new category. No longer were streamers in swimsuits allowed in Just Chatting. They would have to file themselves under a new category: Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches.

Twitch bans el_xox for leaving the hot tub

On May 28, Vtuber el_xox went live on Twitch for their highly anticipated bikini debut stream. The stream stayed in the Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category for most of the reveal.

However, when the streamer started to play games for their viewers, they had one of their mods change the category of the stream. It didn’t take but 30 minutes for Twitch to notice the virtual streamer was wearing a bikini outside of the hot tubs category ending in a 3-day suspension.

El_xox released a video explaining the ban while also poking fun at Twitch. They gave examples of times they committed lewd acts on stream that went unpunished, including inflating their breasts and “shaking their cake”.

They stated, “I made the most dumbest mistake of my entire life, which put my whole streaming career on the line. I didn’t put my bikini debut in the right category. I definitely didn’t make this video because my manager told me I should.”

If you happened to miss el_xox’s bikini debut, or are sour about it getting cut short, there’s a bit of good news: The Vtuber will be live on May 31 at 8 PM CST for an unbanned return stream.

And on Saturday, June 4, el_xox is going live for another shot at their bikini debut, hopefully, this time staying within the correct category.

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