VTuber Bunny Ayu responds to harassment & abuse allegations from Layna and Susu

Bunny Ayumi vtuber modelTwitter: BunnyAyu

VTuber Bunny_GIF, also known as Bunny Ayumi, has responded to allegations of “harassment, manipulation, and abuse” directed at former friends and collaborators. Responding to Layna, a fellow VTuber and artist, Bunny said her actions were “hurtful” and apologized, but also claimed “many things were taken out of context.”

On March 16, Bunny posted a message on Twitter that she was “open to having tough conversations” with “anyone with animosity towards me from the past.”

This quickly sparked a number of responses, first from streamer Meowri, who claimed that Bunny had ignored private messages showing screenshots of “things you’ve said about me behind my back Bunny.”

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This sparked a thread of posts from various content creators, including PeachJars, ImSinnocent, as well as Layna and Susu.

On March 17, LaynaLazar, a VTuber with over 70,000 followers on Twitch, posted a lengthy statement and accompanying video, detailing her business dealings with Bunny, and how their relationship fell apart.

Layna accused Bunny of refusing to fulfill her obligations for the various business projects they worked on, and after cutting professional ties, claims Bunny spread lies about Layna’s character and actions to friends.

Following Layna’s post, Susu issued a short statement also, claiming “I silently endured being emotionally abused by Bunny for years,” and that she would be taking some time away from streaming and social media.

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Bunny responds to accusations

Around 12 hours after Layna’s original post, Bunny shared her response on Twitter.

Addressing claims that she was toxic to other women in the cosplay streaming community, Bunny said “I admit that I was sassy and abrasive.”

Regarding her relationship with Susu, Bunny said, “Susu and I were in a consenting, open, poly relationship,” but that she would not go into further details about it, and asked that others respect their privacy in this matter.

In summary, Bunny wrote, “I know what I’ve done wrong, I’m not perfect, and I’ve grown from not only this event, but the past events as well. I’m still open to talk to anyone who I have caused issues with.”

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Bunny continued, however, that “Many things were taken out of context. I only offered this side to give anyone that was invested a chance to see the other side of this story.”

In response, LaynaLazar said Bunny “continues to be the abrasive person you claim not to be.”

Also on March 17, Bunny was accused of ignoring JennaLynnMeowri, another streamer who attempted to reach out to discuss their own issues with the content creator, and then unfriended her.

Bunny denied unfriending Meowri, and said she did in fact want to have a conversation about their disputes.

Accusations against AdmiralBahroo

Male VTuber AdmiralBahroo, a friend of Bunny, was also involved in the drama after Layna claimed he participated in Bunny’s attempts to sabotage her among friends. Bahroo responded by calling Layna a “bitch” and said, “Stop dragging me into your petty squabbles.”

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Bahroo has not responded following Layna’s post, which also contained accusations against that “he had reached out to a close friend of mine, claiming I was as bad as Arcadum, claiming I was a pathological liar.”

In August 2021, D&D streamer Arcadum faced backlash after claims of emotional abuse towards multiple women.