VTuber Bunny Ayu defends herself as more speak out on abuse allegations

Twitch: bunny_gif

VTuber and social media star Bunny_GIF, also known as Bunny Ayu, has defended herself as more speak out on allegations of abuse, bullying, and harassment. She has denied many of the claims despite apologizing earlier.

Allegations of harassment and abuse by Bunny Ayu first surfaced on March 16 after the VTuber made a call out asking for “anyone with animosity towards me from the past” to come forward and have “tough conversations” with her if they were willing.

After a groundswell of claims were made online, Bunny first responded on March 18 by apologizing to a number of creators and said “I know what I’ve done wrong, I’m not perfect, and I’ve grown from not only this event, but the past events as well.”

However, after claiming “many things were taken out of context,” Bunny further defended herself on March 22 as the claims kept piling up.

In her recent statement, Bunny said the vast number of creators coming forward had damaged her reputation, singling out Layna ⁠— the most prolific of them all ⁠— first: “You have done irreparable harm to myself, my brands, and my friendships.”

Bunny first hit back at Layna’s claims, stating she tried to reach out to solve issues before her figure project was canceled.

“I tried to reach out to you multiple times over the years and you were personal friends with those I asked to help me with getting to have a conversation with you.

“You consistently claim the $20,000 debt as a part of your suffering. However, you are the one that canceled the figure in the first place. Per your contract, you took on the financial burden of making the figure.

“Although we had our differences I still wanted to finish this figure and then we could part ways amicably. We never would have talked again. I spent time and shouted out every one of your streams on my account. I rallied my fans to your streams to get excited.

“I understand you didn’t want to do a figure because we no longer were friends. This is not good business. I tried to talk to your business partner, he told me he would not be involved in any of your drama despite being a co-owner.”

Bunny also stated she would “console” Layna while she was working on another figure for Susu, stating the “tension was unhealthy”. However, after the project was stopped, Bunny stated Layna made it impossible for her to reach out.

“You have asked for a public apology from me. I did it knowing all this truth but it still wasn’t good enough for you. We both experienced pain. You blocked me. I could never contact you.”

The VTuber went on to address all of the allegations against them. Starting with Sinnocent’s claims dating back to 2013, she said her claims of reliance were “over-exaggerated” and that she lied about her true reasons for leaving the cosplay community.

Sinnocent directly attributed her quitting to Bunny’s influence, but she added “I was told directly to my face that the reason that she quit was because she wasn’t making enough revenue and she was stagnant.”

Bunny also brushed over Sinnocent’s claim that “one [streamer] moved to attempt suicide because of Bunny’s actions.” Yurockit went public with her own experience with Bunny on March 21 including this note, but she attributed it to Yu being “in a bad mental space at the time.”

After Susu’s claims of emotional abuse following their relationship with the VTuber, Bunny disputed that claim saying she “did not have a voice to speak up against her.”

“I wanted and still want to be better. Susu, you know the truth. You know we were both in a mutually toxic relationship. Neither of us are innocent.”

The last allegation Bunny brought up was those leveled by Vixenshelby. Vixen claimed Bunny was “very physically and verbally inappropriate” when they met up in October 2019, and also tried to “isolate Su [her partner]” from meeting her.

“Bunny was also saying really mean and unkind things about other creators and even dragging girls she was appearing friendly with,” Vixen added. “I had to give up streaming and almost decided to quit my online work altogether.”

Bunny denied the claims, saying the conversations they had when meeting up “were nothing but positive and friendly” and there was no inappropriate conduct.

Bunny also brought in VShojo star Silvervale into the drama. After becoming friends in April 2020, Bunny warned Silvervale about working with Layna on a figure after her own experiences. Silvervale took her advice, but later ghosted Bunny without reason from May 2021 onwards. Silvervale has not spoken about the situation publicly.

All of the claims made by Bunny have been disputed by the various creators who have spoken out against her. In a follow-up statement, Layna stated both Bunny and AdmiralBahroo ⁠— who also denied claims of harassment on March 22 ⁠— were “digging [themselves] a hole.”

Meowri added “maybe with the fourth apology they’ll get it right.”

Bunny has not streamed since the allegations went public, with her last Twitch broadcast dating back to March 17.