Vtuber Ash_on_Lol exposes 4chan stalker’s creepy plans to ‘find her’ - Dexerto

Vtuber Ash_on_Lol exposes 4chan stalker’s creepy plans to ‘find her’

Published: 17/Apr/2021 0:11

by Theo Salaun


A popular Twitch and YouTube Vtuber, Ash_on_Lol, has exposed a 4chan thread showing users attempting to stalk her with possible hopes of creeping her out and blackmailing her.

In yet another example of the depravity internet personalities are faced with, even faceless Vtubers are subject to threats of stalking and blackmail. Ash_on_Lol, known as one of the most popular Vtubers on the internet, took to Twitter to expose a series of 4chan screenshots aptly titled “stalkers fantasizing.” 

Ash, who has over 1 million followers combined across Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch, was obviously taken aback by the contents of these screenshots and decided to address them directly in a tweet. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with thousands of fans chiming in with support and well wishes for her wellbeing.


The screenshots, by contrast, show a remarkably negative series of comments in which an entire 4chan thread is dedicated to ways a user can “creep the hell out of her.” While Ash is aware these could be trolls without real intentions, she nonetheless decided to reprimand the entire discussion.

As seen in Ash’s tweet, she is not sure “how sincere these people are, but the fact that it’s out there and has even been suggested terrifies me.” As for what “it” entails, an attached Imgur link reveals a full thread on 4chan’s “random” board, /b/, devoted to what many are simply describing as harassment.


The thread begins with a user saying that they “used to live in the same town as this Vtuber chick,” before asking for help so that they can “expose her.” In the following replies, users mention desires to “get in with her,” “creep the hell out of her,” and “totally f**k with this b***h.”

ash on lol 4chan stalker
One of the comments in the thread about Ash on Lol.

The final comment included in the thread includes mention of a plan to “stake out” Ash’s PO box, using a combination of an Airbnb and “a camera across the street” to stalk the streamer. “I also won’t do anything illegal. The most I’d do is creep her out.”


While that reassurance that the 4chan stalker’s plans won’t verge on lawlessness, Ash’s response summarizes the inherent issues with the thread: “I’m not some plaything or object to mess with for fun. This is absolutely not okay, it will never be okay, you need to stop.” 

It remains unclear if these plans ever had a serious chance at happening, but Ash’s point is that the mere discussion of them embodies problematic behavior. In a time when streamers are increasingly faced with stalkers caused by parasocial relationships, social media has been quick to support Ash — applauding her for speaking against this behavior and encouraging her to take necessary measures to ensure safety.