Vtuber anny banned on Twitch for first time after “adult content” clips resurface

Emma Hill
Vtuber anny streaming with Twitch logo
Twitch: anny

Vtuber and Twitch streamer ‘anny’ has received her first-ever ban from the platform for supposedly showing ‘explicit’ content during her stream. 

Although anny started streaming on Twitch way back in 2016, it wasn’t until March 2021 that she made her Vtuber debut and quickly established herself as a popular creator.

With 190K followers on the Amazon-owned platform as of writing, the fox girl keeps her viewers entertained with comfy content. In particular, her art streams.

So, viewers were surprised to hear that anny was suddenly banned from Twitch for the first time in her career. The reason being, she claims, is that she showed some nudity during her stream.

Vtuber anny streaming on Twitch
Twitch: anny
anny hit back at Twitch on Twitter after she received a week-long ban from the platform.

Anny responds to Twitch ban

Fans were shocked after the news broke that streamer anny had been banned from Twitch on June 29. However, it wasn’t long before the Vtuber took to Twitter to address the suspension.

“My first ban in… 6 years I’ve been streaming,” she said. “And it’s 7 days.” Although, she didn’t initially share the suspension notification from Twitch as the reason behind the change.

However, one fan claimed that the ban could have been prompted by anny’s stream getting a little too explicit and subsequently breaking Twitch’s Terms of Service.

Yet, anny quickly fired back suggesting it was unfair that she received a week-long ban for exposing her “a*s.” Whereas other streamers who have been suspended for showing nudity on multiple occasions don’t get as harsh a punishment.

If anny’s Twitch ban lasts for one week as stated, then she should be back on Twitch by July 6.