Vlog Squad’s Jonah makes his dad’s year after buying him a restaurant

Vlog Squad's Jonah standing next to his DadYouTube: JONAH / Instagram: nickantonyan

Things got emotional after the Vlog Squad’s Nick ‘Jonah’ Antonyan surprised his father by buying him a fully decked out kebab restaurant.

If there’s one thing viewers love to see, it’s YouTubers and influencers using their position to do amazing things for their family and friends. Whether it’s giving them a new car or a big check, it’s always great to see the inevitably emotional outcome.

Jonah decided to take things up a notch by buying his dad a whole restaurant and surprising him with it.

In the video, he showed off the fully decorated kebab restaurant and prepared to bring his father in blindfolded to make sure he didn’t know what was going on.


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With who appears to be David Dobrik behind the camera, Jonah guided his dad inside the building, telling him: “You’ve been supporting me since day one. I love you, and you’ve done everything for me.

Finally, he took the blindfold off, and he immediately teared up seeing the incredible gift, before hugging his son emotionally.

In a heartfelt Instagram caption next to the video, the YouTuber explained why he decided to make the big decision. “My dad has been the biggest supporter of my comedy ever since I was a kid,” he wrote. “Growing up, we didn’t have much. My parents immigrated to the United States in their early twenties and had my sister and I a couple years later.”


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“They struggled to make ends meet but when our family was going through our toughest times, my parents always brought us together with cooking and food. Going through this struggle together I vowed to do something for my family. I made sure to try my best, set a few goals, and patiently work towards them.”

Viewers were of course delighted to see Jonah’s father’s reaction to the surprise, with some even saying they got emotional just watching it.