Viral video of DoorDash delivery mid-basketball game debunked as fake

Man in yellow jacket with mic on t-shirt holding drink on basketball courtTwitter: Austin Hansen

A viral video of a food delivery driver walking onto a basketball court mid-game to deliver a McDonald’s order has been debunked by a cameraman who sat courtside. 

With TikTok overtaking YouTube as the place to post clips that could go viral, you’ll see plenty of videos on there that will make you question yourself as to whether it’s real or not. 

The best of these clips quickly make it onto other social media platforms, capturing the attention of the internet as a whole, with many trying to figure out what exactly has gone on. 

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That was the case on January 25, when one man stepped onto the basketball court during a game between Loyola Chicago and Duquesne, looking to deliver food as he posed as a Doordasher. 

Door Dash prank during college basketball game debunked

Plenty of users assumed that the video was real, and that the man in question was just a helpless delivery driver who couldn’t locate the person they were supposed to be dropping the other order with. 

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However, Austin Hansen, a courtside cameraman who captured the whole thing, has now debunked it as a prank. The cameraman noted that the would-be delivery driver was sneakily mic’d up and seemingly filming for a video. 

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“They didn’t kick him out. He just casually walked back into the stands with his McDonalds in hand,” Hansen added, noting that he will personally “tackle” anyone who tries to replicate it. 

Plenty of social media users weren’t shocked by the fact it was all fake. “Should be arrested for doing that,” said one. “How did he get onto the court is what I want to know? Does this school have zero security?” added another. “Internet clout chasers are the worst type of people,” commented another. 

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It’s certainly a unique attempt at a prank, but security teams will have to be alert if anyone tries to recreate it.

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