Viral TikToks show “microfibers” in fast food drinks

Dylan Horetski
Burger King cup beside what it looks like under the microscopeTikTok: Closeintel

TikToker ‘closeintel’ has gone viral after uploading videos where he shows microfibers and other microscopic debris inside fast food drinks, leaving fans in disgust.

When it comes to viral content on TikTok, creators can almost always get viewers’ attention when it’s related to fast food restaurants like Mcdonald’s or Burger King.

Examples of such content are the recent outrage over Little Ceasers’ pizza prices, and the McDonald’s worker who yelled at an “entitled” customer.

Now, Closeintel’s videos where he looks at water from fast foot restaurants underneath a microscope and the results have left viewers disgusted.

TikToker finds microscopic debris in fast food drinks

On July 1, the TikToker posted a video where he went to McDonald’s to order a cup of water before going home to look at it underneath the microscope.

From there, he revealed a random microfiber that he explained could have come from the straw wrapper, as well as an unidentified black piece of debris.

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Just seven days later, the TikToker went to Burger King to test out their water. This time, he let the ice in the cup melt a little bit before looking at it under the microscope.

“I saw a couple of microfibers,” he revealed “I also saw this really strange material that looked like it was deteriorating. There was really tiny debris I saw falling off the material and when zooming in it looked like they were kind of moving. It could have just been Brownian Motion though.”

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The creator also checked out Starbucks water and found similar results, which left viewers disgusted as they called the views “nasty” and gross” throughout the comments on the video.

Closeintel did, however, make sure to mention that results will vary at each location so each result may vary from the last.