Viral TikToker mods Bernie Sanders sitting meme into video games and it’s hilarious

Bernie Sanders Chair meme Fallout Star Wars battlefront@toastedshoes_/TikTok

One YouTuber took The Bernie Sanders chair meme and put him into as many video games as they could, and the results are some of the funniest uses of the meme we’ve seen yet.

An image of United States Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sitting in a chair with mittens during the inauguration instantly went viral, with memes popping up on every form of social media you could think of.

Bernie in GoT, Bernie with Connor McGregor in a chokehold, Bernie sitting on the payload in Overwatch; the humble politician from Vermont seemed to be everywhere. Now thanks to Australian YouTuber ToastedShoes, he’s even popping up in all kinds of video games, like Fallout 4.

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Want to see Bernie wielding a Darth Maul dual-edged lightsaber? Just check out the Battlefront 2 mod that allows him to do just that.

The Force is definitely strong with the Senator from Vermont, as he flies around, cutting down legions of clone troopers without lifting a finger like a true servant of the Dark Side.

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ToastedShoes wasn’t able to do this alone though, the 3D Bernie model came from artist Joe Mashups, and the various mods were made with some of the top modders for each pitching in and helping out.

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Bernie can be seen knocking down walls in Resident Evil, appearing as bosses in Dark Souls and Devil May Cry 5, and even as the Dragon (and every other character) from the opening level of Skyrim.

All of these hilarious mods can be seen in the full video down below, where Toasted Shoes features each of his ridiculous creations. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the nature documentary on Bernie’s in Fallout 4 is tough to beat.

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There are still so many possibilities too, imagine Bernie in Red Dead Redemption, or causing chaos in Cyberpunk. Now that we think about it, seeing Geralt and Bernie together in the Witcher 3 would be pretty great as well.

It’s been over a week since the Bernie meme broke Twitter (which is basically an eternity in internet time) and while things have died down there, based on how hilarious these mashups are, the meme could definitely keep on surviving in the modding community for a good while longer.

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