Viral TikTok takes you inside KFC’s first-ever fine dining restaurant

TikTok: Samantha Khater

An Australian TikToker has gone viral after reviewing KFC’s first fine-dining experience and it may surprise you.

TikToker user Samantha Khater has given her fans an exclusive review on KFC’s first fine-dining experience – only available during the restaurant’s one-week pop-up in Australia.

Khater’s clip, which has gained over 1.6 million views, features an 11-course meal designed by the fast-food chain to allow customers to enjoy the fast food in an ambient environment.

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KFC’s fine dining goes viral on TikTok

kfc box mealUnsplash
This is an ordinary KFC meal – but the fast food chain is trying something else in Australia.

The video also shows customers being greeted with a glass of champagne, entering a room that featured chicken-shaped lighting fixtures, black tablecloths, and wine pairings for each course.

One course could be described as “supercharged” wings, served over a flaming bed of charcoal.

Others included popcorn chicken with gnocchi, gold-crusted drumstick, and a dish that required foodies to lick a sauce reincarnation of the chain’s founder, Colonel Sanders, off their plates.

The pop-up restaurant’s deserts look like something that would be served in a 5-star restaurant as diners were given the choice of a “chocolate mousse with popping candy” or “KFC chips with ice cream.”

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Foodies react to KFC’s viral fine-dining experience

TikTok foodies along KFC fans are now reacting to the viral experience with mixed responses.

“Fine dining but still the food taste and look like fast-food lol. Just different ambiance,” one user said.

“What country is this? We barely have options where I’m from Plus we had to pay for condiments up to recently cause they weren’t giving any free,” a second user stated.

“Did they really just make KFC for ultra rich?” another TikToker questioned.

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It is unclear whether the fast-food chain will be bringing back the pop-up restaurant, as fans are divided over the idea of fine dining at KFC.

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