Viral TikTok exposes YouTubers & celebrities’ alleged DoorDash tips

. 9 months ago
Viral TikTok exposes DoorDash tips from influencers
YouTube: Bryce Hall, CANCELLED With Tana Mongeau / Doordash / Norma Mortenson

A viral TikTok has DoorDash drivers exposing the alleged tipping habits of certain influencers and celebrities, including personalities like David Dobrik, Tana Mongeau, and even Donald Glover.

Meal delivery services are popular and convenient ways to get your favorite foods delivered right to your door… but an key part of the price is the tip that goes toward the delivery driver.

One DoorDash delivery driver uploaded a TikTok that is taking the internet by storm, but it’s not just their story that’s turning heads.

The TikToker claimed that they’d delivered to a “very rich recording artist’s house in the Hollywood Hills” just to receive a $2 tip despite the arduous journey there.

The driver’s purported experience has gone viral, accruing nearly one million views, and it’s got a ton of other food delivery drivers speaking out in the comments — and some of the allegations about tips are dropping jaws across the internet.

One commenter claimed that the famed music artist Jason Derulo ordered $500 worth of food and left a $0 tip, while another claimed that they received a $2 tip from Kylie Jenner after delivering a $250 order.

DoorDash TikTok Comments Tana Mongeau

However, it’s not just A-List celebrities in these comments; several commenters described their experiences with influencers, and the stories aren’t positive, either.

Two users stated that they delivered food to David Dobrik’s home, with both drivers claiming they received no tip for their trouble. This prompted another commenter to reply, saying that TikTok star Bryce Hall similarly failed to leave a tip.

Yet another stated that Tana Mongeau, a popular YouTuber and former “wife” of Jake Paul, tipped “literally nothing” after putting in a food order for $400.

David Dobrik Doordash TikTok comments

Of course, all of these stories should be taken with a grain of salt, as there’s no way to prove they’re true… but it’s certainly shining a light on the importance of tipping delivery drivers as part of the package deal.

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