Viral TikTok cat Smudge is influencing fans to live healthier lifestyles

Smudge the viral TikTok catTikTok: smudgeandfriends

Smudge the viral 18.6-pound TikTok cat is living healthier and influencing her fans to do the same.

Not often do cats go on walks, but for Smudge the viral TikTok cat, she’s breaking barriers and exceeding expectations as a rather plump kitty.

Smudge may be 18.6 pounds, but that isn’t stopping her from doing her ‘hot girl’ Smudge walks.

Sure, Smudge was hesitant about her outdoor time at first, but with the help of her owner, Kaia Bint Savage, she’s been able to lose weight and influence her fans to do the same.

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Smudge the 18.6 pound cat has gone viral on TikTok for her daily walks, influencing fans to do the same.TikTok: smudgeandfriends
Smudge the 18.6-pound cat has gone viral on TikTok for her daily walks and influencing fans to do the same.

Smudge loses almost four pounds after daily walks in the garden

Savage adopted Smudge just three years ago, telling that she wasn’t about to leave an “elderly grumpy lady” at a shelter after her previous owners moved to another country, as she is now 18 years old.

When adopted, Smudge weighed a whole 23 pounds! But with the help of her new owner, Savage, she’s been able to lose almost four pounds, just 2 pounds closer to her goal weight of 16 pounds.

But how did Smudge the viral TikTok cat lose all the weight? Well, Savage wasn’t going to let Smudge suffer, so she started taking Smudge on daily walks in the garden, encouraging her along the way, as Smudge was reluctant to exercise at the beginning of her journey.

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However, after shedding a few pounds and losing some inches, Smudge has started embracing her walks, as Savage told, “She is now able to walk longer distances without stopping. She protests less when we pick her up to take her out, and she also has now started asking to go out and sitting by the door, which we never thought would happen. It’s really nice seeing the progress.”

After sharing Smudge’s fitness journey to TikTok, she and Savage have received an abundance of fans who have thanked Smudge for helping encourage them to live healthier lifestyles, saying, “Smudge is motivating me to start working out. If Smudge can do it, so can I.”

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While another fan wrote, “I love you and your determination to live a healthier life Smudge. Thank you for being such a good example for others.”

Savage even expressed gratitude about the outpouring of messages she’s received from fans, sharing what some have said, saying, “We see people saying ‘Oh, I went on my daily walk today,’ or ‘I didn’t want to go for a swim today, but I thought if Smudge can do her daily exercise I can,’ and that is just so lovely.”

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Though Smudge’s health journey is far from over, she gets closer to her goal weight every single day. It may take some extra motivation, but Smudge’s ‘purrr-sistence’ just might be something everyone can learn from.

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