Viral TikTok accuses Dolan twins of bullying at high school

Instagram: Ethan Dolan

The Dolan twins were bullies at high school and had “humongous superiority complexes” according to a TikTok that has gone viral.

Grayson and Ethan Dolan are YouTube and internet sensations who rose to fame during the era of Vine in 2013 when they were 13 years old. On YouTube, the twins have more than 11 million subscribers.

A TikTokker called Justin English (@guacamolethong) posted on Thursday night responding to a video allegedly showing the twins being bullied themselves at school.

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Grayson and Ethan Dolan Twins YouTubeYouTube: Dolan Twins
The twins recently said they were “severely bullied” at high school

The creator said: “It’s funny because I went to school with them and no one bullied them. If anything they bullied other people. They had humongous superiority complexes just because of Vine, and quite frankly they were the rudest people in the school.”

In less than 8 hours since posting, the video has had almost 500,000 views. It created a massive debate with more than 2,600 comments.

In a follow-up video, Justin responded to a comment from a user who asked him why he was trying to “cancel” the twins when they’re “unproblematic.”

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He explained: “I don’t think you understand the difference between holding someone accountable for their actions and canceling them.” He added that his intentions were not to cancel them but to call them out on their past actions and show that they haven’t been truthful with their fans.

The twins themselves have spoken out about being cyberbullied about their appearance. Just last month Ethan Dolan released a short documentary detailing how comments online about his acne had severely affected his well-being and self-confidence.

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Ethan Dolan YouTubeYouTube: Dolan Twins
Ethan recently spoke up about his struggles with acne and self-confidence

Ethan and Grayson were also recently forced to address their use of a homophobic slur in an old video that resurfaced in June. They explained that the clip was taken out of context and that the slur they used was an example of what they’d been called in high school, where they claimed they were “severely bullied.”

Ethan said: “We were severely bullied in high school, I’m gonna be honest..we were trying to tell our story about how we were being treated in the most accurate way possible. And by doing that, we used a word that had been used against us a lot.”

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The Dolan twins have not responded to the viral TikTok, at the time of writing.

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