Viral Sadie Sink lookalike is blowing away Stranger Things fans on TikTok

TikTok Max Mayfield Lookalike stuns Stranger Things fansNetflix / Instagram: julietsiegel

A Sadie Sink lookalike is taking over TikTok as ‘Stranger Things’ fans can’t believe the viral doppelganger isn’t actually a clone from the Upside Down.

Stranger Things Season 4 is officially in the books, and a few of the show’s core cast members are getting praise from fans for their jaw-dropping storylines and knockout acting skills.

Alongside names like Jamie Campbell Bower and Millie Bobbie Brown, Sadie Sink — known for playing skateboarding ‘zoomer’ Max Mayfield — is also receiving a major amount of shine for how she portrayed her grieving character throughout this most recent season.

Juliet Siegel MaxInstagram: julietsiegel
Juliet Siegel is basically Max from Stranger Things.

But that’s not what’s throwing the internet for a loop right now. Instead, TikTok users are going gaga over Sink’s apparent doppelganger, who got invited to the live Stranger Things Experience and decided to do a little cosplay to celebrate.

TikTok user Juliet Siegel is turning heads for how close she resembles Sadie as seen in Stranger Things Season 3.

Wearing a striped t-shirt and drawstring denim shorts, she’s got Sadie’s look down pat — but her long red hair and freckles also totally steal the show.

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She also pulled off Max’s new look in Season 4, donning a walkman and a blue jacket (and, of course, rocking out to Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’).

Needless to say, viewers are stunned by how closely Juliet resembles Sadie Sink, and they’re not shy about letting her know that they were almost completely fooled by her jaw-dropping cosplay.

“I THOUGHT YOU WERE SADIE HELP,” one user wrote.

“Are you and Sadie Sink twins?” another asked.

“I literally thought you were her at first,” yet another said over on Instagram.

julietsiegel tiktok commentsTikTok: julietsiegel
The resemblance is uncanny – enough so that some viewers thought Juliet was actually Sadie.

This isn’t the first time a major celebrity lookalike has taken TikTok by storm; who could forget the viral Margot Robbie and Scarlett Johansson doppelgangers who shocked the internet with how much they looked like Harley Quinn and Black Widow?

Although Sadie Sink hasn’t reacted to her own doppelganger, it’s clear that this Stranger Things fan is Running Up the Hill of internet fame thanks to her serendipitous genes.