Viral Nicki Minaj & Tom Holland meme returns amid Zendaya dating rumors

Tom Holland and Nicki Minaj next to each otherWikimedia: Gage Skidmore / Instagram: nickiminaj

A meme that first became popular in 2019 about Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland being in a relationship has gone viral on both Twitter and TikTok yet again after Tom was spotted kissing Zendaya in a car.

Twitter and TikTok are two of the top places to go to find viral content on the internet, and whenever anything big happens in the news or online, people are quick to start generating a wild amount of memes that proceed to go viral on the platform.

That’s exactly what happened in 2019 when a meme went viral on Twitter about Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland being in a (naturally fictional) relationship and having a baby together.

The bizarre joke spawned several memes, and Tom Holland even ended up responding to it in a video with Esquire, saying: “This actually really stressed me out, and then I saw it was Nicki Minaj. And then I realized I’ve never met Nicki Minaj.”

Topic starts at 1:51

Now, after Tom Holland and Zendaya were spotted kissing in a car, the meme has been brought back to life, and it’s made a huge resurgence on both Twitter and TikTok.

Some users have made news-style tweets about a ‘break-up’ between Nicki and Tom, inspired by some of the very firsts posts to go viral relating to the meme back in 2019.

Others over on TikTok shared some of the greatest picture edits from the fake ‘timeline’ of their relationship.

People even made it look like Nicki had posted about the drama, calling Tom a “homewrecker.”

The joke is of course very bizarre, but people have jumped at the opportunity to bring it back with this new round of rumors about Tom and Zendaya.

The memes don’t look like they’re slowing down, and if either Tom or Zendaya address the now-viral video of them kissing, it’s likely that the whole thing will start up all over again.