Viral diaper-wearing cat is Instagram’s latest animal superstar

purrfectlyaoife instagram diaper catInstagram: purrfectlyaoife

An adorable cat named Aiofe wearing a diaper became a viral sensation thanks to videos showcasing the feline’s can-do attitude. However, the diaper isn’t just for show, with a heartwarming story behind it.

A cat wearing a diaper seems ridiculous at first. Just from hearing about it, people may be wondering, ‘what kind of excessive owner would force a cat to wear a diaper?’

But in Aoife’s case, the diaper helps directly addresses her disability.

Aiofe is a 2 year old tabby paraplegic. Because of her disability, she cannot use the litter box and her hind legs are paralyzed, requiring extra care from her owner. Despite the handicap, Aiofe lives a happy life, showcased a bit by her energetic run to get food.

In a now viral video Aoife is shown wearing her now trademark diaper, sprinting to the kitchen after hearing a can of cat food opened. Her hind legs drag as she rushes past her healthy sibling, leaving them shocked at her outstanding speed.

Instagram: purrfectlyaoife
Aoife sprints past her sibling

Instagram users have been loving watching the handicapped kitten’s can-do attitude. The most popular Instagram reel amassed over 70 million viewers — with Aiofe’s own Instagram page, purrfectlyaoife, now boasting 60,000 followers.

The adorable kitten is living her best life thanks to the help of her owners: sabrinadematteo_ and jimmiebrenton_, who house a total of six cats including Aiofe.

These other cats make short guest appearances on Aiofe’s page as well, although the main page’s star is undoubtably Aiofe.