Viral cat on cocaine sent to zoo Harambe died in after terrorizing Ohio neighborhood

viral cocaine catCincinnati Animal CARE

Footage of a wild cat on cocaine went viral after it terrorized an Ohio neighborhood, then ended up in the Cincinnati Zoo where Harambe died.

A wild serval cat native to Africa was captured earlier this year in the Ohio neighborhood of Oakley. Resident Reid Faherty captured footage of the cat growling in a tree on Edroy Court, which quickly made the rounds online.

Chief Troy Taylor from the Hamilton County Dog Warden’s Office told Local 12 these types of animals “are on the dangerous wild list for Ohio.”

Strangely, the wild cat was made all the more threatening by the drugs found in its system by Cincinnati Animal Care medical crew.

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Viral cat on cocaine now calls the Cincinnati Zoo home

While the serval now-named Amorie currently resides at the Cincinnati Zoo, which may sound familiar to those who know the Harambe story, results from a toxicology report paint a strange picture of the cat’s time roaming the streets of Ohio.

According to officials, Amorie’s test results show evidence of cocaine in his system at the time of his capture in January.

“Toxicology came back [that] the animal was positive for narcotics in its system. And DNA came back which was conclusive of [it] being an illegal serval,” Chief Taylor revealed. How narcotics ended up in the cat’s system is a mystery yet to be solved.

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viral cocaine catCincinnati Animal Care

Local 12’s update on the viral cocaine-drugged cat also revealed that Amorie suffered a broken leg during his capture. Fortunately, the medical team at Cincinnati Animal Care helped the animal get back into shape.

As of writing, Amorie remains in the care of the Cincinnati Zoo, though what’s next for the serval is not known. Needless to say, this update about the cocaine cat is bound to garner a lot of interest, especially as moviegoers give Cocaine Bear a chance.